Day-Night Test Cricket is going ahead with Australia scheduled to host New Zealand in Australia for the first day/night test match. Pink Cricket Balls are going to be used.

pink cricket ball

A lot of testing has gone on to find the right cricket ball to use for Day/Night Test matches. The red cricket ball obviously won’t work as that will create a visibility problem at night for the players. So, the obvious choice would have been to use a white cricket ball with a black sightscreen. 

The problem with the white cricket ball is that they generally tend to lose their hardness and color after 34 overs. This is congruent with the old ICC rules where the white ball was changed at over 34 of an ODI innings. 

So, Kookaburra went to the drawing board to find a cricket ball that not only can be highly visible at night but also retain it’s structure for the required 80 overs. A cricket ball in a Test match may only be changed at the 80 over mark.

After extensive tinkering with the Pink cricket ball, Kookaburra has now come up with a product that has satisfied many of the big cricket boards. It has been tested in Sheffield Shield cricket. Many find it to be “gimmicky” while others have said that it really does solve the problem.

Here is a question for this blog’s readership:

Was it really necessary for them to tinker so much with the cricket ball in coming up with a Pink one? Why not allow the fielding team to get a new-ball after 50 overs? Or is that not Test Match cricket?

There is a lot more to ponder when it comes to Day-Night Test Cricket. The ball will come on to the bat a bit quicker at night and dew can become a huge factor at certain grounds around the world. 

Can you imagine a 5th day pitch with a world class spinner trying to bundle the opposition out but he is not able to because he cannot get a grip on the ball because of dew?

On the other hand, prime time TV slots is sure to attract a bigger audience.

Which side of the Day-Night Test Match do you sit?

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