This will be a short review of the Puma ballistic rubber sole cricket shoes. I Have used these puma ballistic shoes personally now for a few seasons and am quite happy with them. They are not the top of the line puma cricket shoes but they certainly do the trick if you don’t have the money to spend on the more expensive ones.

The only draw back i have found with these shoes is i have found that my plantar faciitis plays up a bit with these shoes, which means i wake up the day after cricket and my left hell hurts a little. Regardless of that, these puma ballistic rubber sole cricket shoes are still pretty good and better than any $40 shoes.

Here is a short video to show them to you up close.

If you are playing cricket on carpet or matting over a concrete pitch then these are the kind of shoes you will be looking for, however if the ground is wet, your grip level will be lower. If you commonly play in these sort of conditions you might want to spend a bit more money and go for the stealth or iridium brand.

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