Puma Bionic batting gloves review


This will be simple. Nothing to complicated.

Scoring system.

Quality of materials used will be called quality score. scored out of 3.

How comfortable the gloves are on the hands, fit, around wrist on fingers etc will be Comfort level. scored out of 3.

Protection will be scored out of 3 as well with a best possible score of 9.

#1 : Puma Bionic cricket batting gloves

Price $99















Quality : 3

Comfort : 2

Protection : 3

Score of 8/9

Very nice gloves, great protection and certainly quite rare at the moment. you wont see many of these around. Typical www.cricketstoreonline.com having all the coolest gear available and the biggest range as well. Its very obvious these gloves are made by SS. As are most batting gloves the world over these days and would say the only thing that makes these better than the SS gladiators is the use of a better quality Pittards leather on the palms.