Puma Calibre 4000 Batting Pads 2012








So here is a quick look at the new 2012 Puma calibre 4000 cricket batting pads.

Price : $99

Comfort : 7/10

Weight : light

Straps : 2

design : good, current, eye catching, overall i like the design

protection: whilst the protection is good it is a little lacking and whilst the quality of these pads are superb they do lack a bit in protection. So if you want the international level protection you need to look at the 6000 series pads and not these 4000’s. So what am i paying for then you might be asking? you are paying for high quality materials and the puma name in my opinion. If these pads had the SG badge ( and taking into account the quality of these pads are better than any SG pads ) the protection level would probably be the same as a $45 set of SG’s. Enjoy some more close up pics.



























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