Puma Cobalt 4000 cricket bat


Origin: India
Wood: According to Puma its a superior english willow blade ( no mention of grade)
Weight Guide: 2lb 7oz-2lb 12oz
Sample Weight: 2lb 11 oz
Handle: oval
Edge (at widest): 35mm
Finish: Natural
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

Actually very impressed with this bat. the willow quality is superb and the craftsmanship is some of the best ive seen out of india. This is a good bat for the price around $300.

We Like

– the willow quality, the ping, the finish.

We Dislike

– the balance, even though it has a low sweetspot doesn’t mean it should have a 3 or higher pickup index.

Star Rating

Price: 8/10                              weight : 2.10
Willow: 9/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 9/10
Performance: 7/10
Wow: 3/5

total score : 36/45




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