Puma IPL Pulse 2012 cricket gear

Puma Pulse 5000 IPL Cricket Bat 2012


Origin: India

Wood: English willow ( 12 grain )
Weight Guide: 2lb 9 oz
Sample Weight: 2lb 9 oz
Handle: Oval at bottom
Edge (at widest): 38mm
Finish: natural finish
Toe Protection: No

My opinion

Love the colour scheme on the new IPL Puma pulse cricket gear and the bat is no different. The willow quality is excellent. My bat i am reviewing now has 12 grains and looks brilliant. great pickup and very nice ping. The one negative is the dead flat face but it works well on this bat with the sub continent curve. very happy with this bat. its a beauty and will score someone many runs.

We Like

– Just about everything about it. Shape, profile, ping, handle shape, presence, willow.

pickup index ( 2 ) i like this

We Dislike

– No toe guard….???

Star Rating

Price: 5/10                              weight : 2.9
Willow: 7/10                          edge size : 38mm
Finish: 9/10
Performance: 9/10
Wow: 5/5

total score : 35/45

Puma Pulse 6000 IPL Batting Gloves 2012

Quality : 3

Comfort : 3

Protection : 2

score of 8/9


Once again i love this colour scheme. these gloves i would say are about the same level and quality as the SS matrix gloves which are really good. probably missing the level of protection you would find in the SS gladiators but these gloves are still really really good for the price.

Puma Pulse 6000 IPL Batting Pads 2012


These pads are awesome. very light ( 1lb 6oz ea ). so not as light as Morrant but probably the lightest pads Puma offer. Protection level is test match level. so as good as it gets. Two very comfortable and snug straps that strap behind the leg and as usual from Puma cricket the quality is as good as money can buy. Im really tempted to dump my Adidas pads and start using these, but my adidas gloves are far better and i like my fingers to much to give up on the adidas adipower gloves. Overall super cricket batting pads and i really like them.

Puma Pulse IPL Convertible Spike Cricket Shoes 2012

What can i say about the shoes, they are the ugliest shoes available right now, but, i love them and have taken a set for myself to use in this years DPL. they come in full spike but they are removable so you can replace the spikes with rubber studs if you play on carpeted pitches like we do here. The colour scheme is as awesome as the comfort. very light as well with the puma gel system in the heel for supreme comfort.

Puma Pulse 6000 IPL Wicket Keeping Gloves 2012

A very nice keeper glove. Puma really know how to make top quality gear. There very little out there that is better. It has the Hextech superior grip technology covering the palms and from what i hear international keepers are really liking this stuff. Typical Gel palms to help your hands not get bruised when keeping to those pace bowlers. Over all im really impressed.

Puma Pulse 5000 FXT IPL Wicket Keeping Pads 2012

Apart from the awesome styling and comfort, these babies only weigh about 15 oz each. batting pads generally weight about 10 oz more per pad so these babies are light….and they look cool as well. The usual wicket keeper 2 strap system and also the typical Puma styling make these pads, light, comfortable and agile. Once again im really impressed with puma for pushing the boundaries in the cricket field.