The Quad Spine Cricket Bat. Real or Hoax

The Quadruple Spine Cricket Bat

Hammer Cricket has been designing top of the line cricket bats and now they are on the cusp of launching something which may be simply revolutionary, a quadruple spine cricket bat. That’s right a bat with four spines.
The Idea
The idea behind the bat is quite simple and quite genius in its simplicity. Cricket players know that where the spine is located is where the absolute sweetest part of the bat is, the sweet spot. Therefore by having four spines on the cricket bat, the makers are able to make the sweet spot on the bat, four times wider than a regular cricket bat.
There have been bats in the past like the Gray Nicolls Scoop and the Gray Nicolls Dynadrive and the V1200 dual spine cricket bat. These bats proved hugely successful by simply playing around with the spine. If one spine is good and two spines  are even better, than a bat with four spines is bound to be one of the best of all.
The Weight
Many may be wondering, if the bat is going to have so many spines, is it not going to make the bat unbearably heavy? The answer is simply, no. These bats are expertly crafted, weights will be available from 2.8 to albs.  The design on the bat is so sound and effective that the quadruple spine bat could even be crafted in the lighter junior sizes.
Weight Distribution
Ok, so maybe the weight will be the same but surely I am going to struggle with the balance and weight distribution of this bat. Again, the answer is no. The weight distribution is even throughout the blade.
The Sweetspot
The quadruple spine cricket bat is all about the sweetspot. The sweetspot on this bat is huge. It is like having four overlapping sweetspots on a single bat. This means that the sweetspot is elongated and broadened. This bat is virtually one big sweet spot.
Quadruple spine cricket bat, welcome to the cricket bat revolution.
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