What type of Linseed oil should be used on a cricket bat?

There is raw linseed oil and there is boiled linseed oil, they are both linseed oil but only one is good for your cricket bat.

Your cricket bat should be treated with raw linseed oil.

Raw linseed oil stays moist for longer than boiled linseed oil. This has dual benefits for your cricket bat.

The first benefit is that it keeps the fibers of the bat beautifully bound together throughout the life of the bat.

The second benefit is that it increases the elasticity of the fibers which ultimately leads to the best performance and ping from the bat.

The difference

Boiled linseed oil will act as a polish on the bat, it will give the bat a varnish tint but the oil does not actually seep into the bat fibers to increase the performance. It is therefore always best to only use raw linseed oil.

Using boiled linseed oil will not cause damage to the cricket bat, it however does not have the same positive effects as raw linseed oil.