I know in the last few months a lot of my valuable customers in Canada have been complaining about the cost of the brokerage fees placed on their shipments by UPS and also the taxes by the Canadian government. Well i have some good news for all of you. I have been working hard with the help of UPS and have come up with some exciting news.

As of next week there will be a standard $10 brokerage fee on all orders un $200 USD or less. Thats about $185 Canadian dollars. Which im sure you all will be very excited about as i know its been a sour point in the past. This feature along with some other will make Cricket store online your number one option for importing cricket gear into Canada.

We have also got another feature that will help packages get through customs 43% faster than in the past. I wont bore you with all the details but cricket store online is doing whatever possible to get you your gear as cheap as possible as well as , as fast as possible.

For more questions please don’t hesitate to call me direct on 1.888.470.4746 . If you are in Canada call me direct on 972 533 1669. If you are in the UK call me on 0.800.014.8141. My email is jason@cricketstoreonline.com.

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