SG Excelite cricket batting gloves


This is a great set of gloves for $37. wow i wish i could produce gloves of this quality for this super low price. If you are on a tight budget, these are definitely the gloves for you. Available in regular mens as well as large mens size.  The Excelite is a lightweight glove with a premium quality leather palm. Together the gloves weight just 12.3 oz. The RSD supalites are 11.5 oz but are $10 more so for this price, this is a light set of gloves.

These gloves have Premium quality PVC finger rolls. Nylon gusset for extra ventilation. Sponge-padded polyurethane back for better fit and comfort. Thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two sections of the lead two fingers for protection. Three-piece sidebars on lead hand. Premium leather on fingertips.  Extra leather patch on hard-wearing areas of the palm. Toweled wristband with embossed Velcro® fastener.

Overall a good set of gloves. i normally prefer the block style split finger design, but feel on this pair that the split finger sections are just a little to long and doesn’t quite give me the flexibility i like to have in gloves i wear. And also feel because of this when you do grip the bat and the padded sections open up at the split that the gap is just a little to big for comfort and if the ball happens to strike you right on the split, you might actually feel the impact more than you would like. Even with this slight flaw, i think for this price these are awesome gloves. i cant remember when the last time i was wrapped on the fingers anyway, so what do i know right??


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