SG HILITE Leather Palm cricket batting gloves


Now we are talking. if i was going to wear sausage finger gloves. These would be them. Very well priced at $60 and also splits in the fingers so you get good flexibility. Problem is the slight splits reduce the amount of peak protection you get from the padding. But thats ok these are still quality gloves and could be worn at test level cricket.

Hilite is one of the most premium batting gloves in the International range. Together these gloves weigh just 11.2 oz. The palm of this lightweight glove is made from premium quality leather made by PITTARDS®. The polyurethane used for the finger rolls is also imported.

  • Nylon gusset for ventilation
  • Ergonomic finger and thumb splits
  • Sponge-padded polyurethane back for better fit and comfort
  • Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers of the bottom hand
  • Lightweight and rounded high-density foam finger rolls
  • Split thumb and three-piece sidebars on lead hand
  • Leather tabs on fingertips
  • Extra PITTARDS® leather patch on hard-wearing areas of the palm
  • Mesh thumb for better ventilation
  • Polyurethane embossed knuckles
  • Toweled wristband with embossed Velcro® fastener

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