SG king Cobra cricket bat


Origin: India
Wood: According to SG its Made from top-of-the-line English Willow
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 10 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 34mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

Im rather disappointed with this bat. as im now going through the range of bats things that made the bats new and fresh in the beginning are now becoming boring and dull. my point is yeah SG cricket have come out with new and fresh designs for their bats but like SS cricket its all very similar throughout the range with only a few small alterations to make bats different. things that every new SG bat has are, concaved spine, exaggerated edges. when will we see the sub continent brands have some variation in their bats like GM or GN? and coming in at $389 thats a lot of money for a bat you dont even know what grade of willow it is.

We Like

– the willow quality

We Dislike

– the fact it looks like many other SG bats, this king cobra certainly wont be a spitting cobra in my opinion. the round handle, the ping or lack there of.

Star Rating

Price: 5/10                              weight : 2.10
Willow: 8/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 8/10
Performance: 6/10
Wow: 2/5

total score : 29/45