SG RSD ELITE cricket bat


Origin: India
Wood: According to SG its Made from top-of-the-line English Willow
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 9 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 35mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

A fantastic bat for the price. The quality of the willow is the same quality as is being used on some GM original cricket bats which are more than double the price. Its over all a very good bat. Good quality willow, good finish, good balance ( 1 or 2 ), pretty good ping and nice willow. Oh and best of all is the price at only $179

We Like

– The finish
– The quality of the willow and the price

We Dislike

– Not much for $179. you cant go wrong, maybe predictable shape.

Star Rating

Price: 10/10                              weight : 2.9
Willow: 8/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 8/10
Performance: 7/10
Wow: 2/5

total score : 35/45


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