slazenger and gray nicolls scoop cricket bats for 2013


slazenger and gray nicolls scoop cricket bats for 2013

I took a look at the 3 new scoop / dual spine cricket bats for the 2013 season…from gray nicolls and slazenger…and found some interesting results..

having a look at the gray nicolls bats first. the GN 100 scoop and the new for 2013 Dynadrive cricket bats i was slighty disappointed with the fact that they only come in 1 grade of english willow…that being a Grade 3 or 4 willow..i think gray nicolls may have missed a trick there.

I found looking at the GN 100 scoop cricket bat that the bat seemed to be pressed quite hard so just from the ping test i think it will need some time to play in. maybe a few net sessions or a few cricket games to get it just right..but it is amazing that a bat with no spine at all can actually be used to play cricket…

The dynadrive on the other hand has a few cool features and also some not so cool features..The double scoops are very cool and reduce the weight and lighten the pickup quite dramatically..the thing i didnt like about these bats i got was the insane amount of bow..someone commented that they looked like bananas and i would have to agree with them…it was to much for me…i didnt like them that much..

then moving on to my favorite bat out of the 3. The slazenger V1200 dual spine cricket bat with HEX handle technology..i love this bat and now have one in my private collection..the dual spine / scoop allows for a feather light pick up even though it has a lower middle and it just seems like there is a lot of wood there… really remarkable bat and i really really like it..well done to slazenger, along with their new V100 TAS they will be selling out of cricket bats this coming year i think..