Slazenger Xtec Ultimate Thigh Pad

To protect your lower limbs from serious hits, you would need a top-of-the-line thigh pad. This one keeps its promise with its lightweight and flexible features, allowing you to move your legs without feeling any restriction at all.

It wraps easily giving a comfortable fit and the contoured pad adjusts perfectly to the thighs giving total protection to the core. The high-density foam absorbs the pressure from high-impact situations. It is so light that you can concentrate on your game instead of having to bother about contraptions hugging your thighs.

The Velcro fasteners hold the pad securely adding more comfort. The cord tie may take some getting used to. Others may find it disagreeable when the Velcro locks the pad in place giving adequate security.

One of the great features of this product is the towel lining that fully absorbs sweat even under grueling circumstances. You can forget about the rest of your legs getting soaked under the hot sun and sweltering temperatures. Batsmen will find this thigh pad very useful due to its high-density foam molded to fit the contours of the body and the lightweight factor that bodes well for International level of playing.

This product is available at cricket store online.

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