Just thought i would give you a sneak peak at some of my new cricket bats. all of these will be going up against each other in my next edition of the cricket bat face off. The Lekka RDX big hitter and the Crictech Mellet Signature still need to be oiled and knocked but we will see how this all goes over the next few weeks.


So the Bats in the pictures are the


Lekka RDX big hitter.






Next one on the list is the Lekka RDX Envy cricket bat






Also in there is The Crictech Mellet Signature custom cricket bat.








Also in that pack is the USSZ custom made from Zafar Asim in L.A.








And last but certainly not least is my current bat, the Vindico Genghis players + cricket bat






So as you can see there are some awesome bats there and i look forward to having a go with them.