Spartan Chris Gayle Authority player edition cricket bat

Hey guys. Just wanted to do a little write up about the new 2014 Spartan Chris Gayle Authority player edition cricket bat. Spartan cricket have done really well this season to try and eliminate fraud with regards their brand. Smaller brands from india and pakistan have been ripping them off now for a couple seasons and i think these measures will at least keep them in check for a few months.

First couple things to look at is generally your bat will have some features like the Spartan branded hanger tag, and also the warranty tag. Whilst both of those features may be lost whilst the bat sits on the shelf in your local store there are a few features that you should insist on getting on your new 2014 Spartan cricket bats…

A: All new 2014 Spartan cricket bats should have the Spartan branded toe guard.*

B: All new 2014 Spartan cricket bats should have the Spartan branded bat grip.*

C: All new 2014 Spartan cricket bats should have the Unique hologram sticker with code so you can check on the spartan website that your bat is authentic.

** meaning Spartan has the right to change any of this at any time they wish and i am not responsible for anything they do. Also don’t expect to see any of these security features on the Spartan SVR cricket bat as the sample i received didn’t have a branded toe guard OR a branded grip. But did still have the hologram sticker.

As you see from the video the Actual Spartan CG authority does come in SH so the majority of people do have the opportunity to own one but they will be limited to heavier models..

Overall the CG authority cricket bat is very very good. I just wish i could see more grains out of Spartan. I don’t think i have ever seen one of their bats with more than about 8 grains. now i understand grains aren’t everything and my bats only have about 7, but many many people will complain with 7 grains on a bat that costs $600 +.

I do think these high end Spartan bats though are very good quality and well worth the money. Good job fro spartan on all the new security features.

Head to for more information, pictures and of course to buy your new bat.