SS cricket Moulded Fielding Pads

Close in fielders need to protect themselves. The standard protection for a really close in fielder would be a cricket helmet, an abdo guard and a great pair of fielding pads. There are very few fielding pads on the cricket equipment market that are as effective and as light as the SS Molded Fielding Pads.

These pads fit very comfortably under the trousers of the fielder. They are super lightweight and have very comfortable velcro padded straps that means that the fielder can barely feel that he is wearing a pair of fielding pads. While the fielder may not be able to feel that he is wearing the SS molded fielding pads, these pads offer great protection for areas that would otherwise be vulnerable.

One of the major factors of these cricket fielding pads is the fact that they are molded. Molded meaning that they contour to the shape of the fielders leg. This is a huge asset as it assists in comfort and protection. A molded pad makes the fielder more flexible and free whether it is to dive and lunge for the ball or it is to chase a ball. It also aids in the protection as the molded shape means that the maximum amount of body area can be protected.

The SS Molded Fielding pads are highly durable and all the components are built to high standards. These are great for a club or team to own to be used by the fielder designated to do the close-in fielding. And while it is always a bit of a short stick to be given those “silly” fielding positions, if you offer the fielder protection at least he will know you have him covered…..well kind of.