SS TON cricket bats 2013 reviews

SS TON cricket bats

SS TON cricket bats

Recently i got in the first shipment of cricket bats from SS for the 2013 season. I was quite impressed with the overall quality of the bats and also the performance. The overall finish of the bats was quite average even though the new stickers are vibrant and striking. I was actually quite disappointed in the over all quality of the SS TON LE cricket bat and was surprised to see the RRP / MSRP to be just $329 USD…Normally brands choose their Limited edition bats to be just that…Limited edition but as it looks like SS are pushing the big name bats like the Pollard KP etc it looks they are just pushing out the LE with a regular G1 willow and nothing limited edition about it..

I got in 3 different bats in 3 different price ranges $300+, $200+ and $100+

The SS TON Limited edition, SS TON Heritage and SS TON Orange cricket bats.

So i want to start off by saying a few nice things about the new SS bats.

Will they hit the ball far? YES

Will they work perfectly well for their intended purposes? YES

Are they good quality bats which should last a couple seasons? YES

Now on to the bad.

Are all three the new bats the exact same profile? YES

Is there any difference in the bats besides grips and stickers? NO

Should we expect more from SS? YES

For a company that is “arguably” the best soft goods manufacturer in the world you would expect a little more from them. Their new decals are loud and proud, which im a fan of but felt their 2012 bats were in fact slightly better than the 2013 as far as finishing is concerned. Overall though as i said above probably 99% of the world doesn’t care how smooth and shiny a bat is, rather they just care how far its going to hit the ball. And these SS cookie cut bats will do that just fine.