Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket Bat

The Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket Bat is made with G1 English Willow. This is the highest grade of English Willow. The willow has many straight grains and is pristine for maximum power on the ball.


When it comes to the handle of the Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket Bat, it is a 12 piece handle made from premium cane. The quality of the cane along with the 12 piece composition ensures that there is virtually no vibration through the willow of the bat and maximum power in the blade. The shape of the handle is semi-oval, semi-oval is the handle that affords the most comfort and is preferred by most professionals.

GN F18 players cricket bat image


Gray Nicolls has wonderful finishing on all of their cricket bats and the Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket Bat is no different. The bat has had somewhat of a knocking in and has a professional toe guard fitted. It also comes with a high quality anti-scuff sheet that covers the face and the edges. Before the application of the anti-scuff sheet, Gray Nicolls applies a light coat of raw linseed oil. This preparation ensures durability in the bat and diminishes the chance of toe swelling and other damage.


The edges on the Gray Nicolls F18 Players cricket bat are maxed out between 38 and 41mm.


The Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket Bat comes fitted with the New Zone Pro cricket bat grip. The New Zone Pro grip has been known to improve the comfort of the batsman and the feel for the ball. The feel for the ball is important as it helps the batman feel in control and impart maximum power in his shots.

Bow and Sweet Spot

The Gray Nicolls F18 Players Cricket bat has a mid blade bow which compliments a mid to high sweet spot. With lots of traditional touches as well as attacking qualities, the Gray Nicolls F18 Players cricket bat is a bat that will suit many US cricketers for the upcoming season.

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Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat

If you missed Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat from the 1990s, you’re in luck because it’s back now! It was so popular in the past that Gunn and Moore decided to bring it back, with a few small changes.

GM Purist cricket bat

GM Purist cricket bat

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I mentioned that the Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat is different from its previous version. Gunn and Moore has updated this bat by making it bigger and giving it a slightly different shape that allows it to pick up a little better.

A bit unique to Gunn and Moore, the Purist bat has pretty large edges. The edges on this bat are also offset, allowing for an expanded sweet spot. The offset edges on the Gunn and Moore Purist bat also provide power and help in a great deal with the pickup.

For the Purist cricket bat, Gunn and Moore has given it a player shape by leaving more wood in the center and at the edges, with a little less wood at the top. Not to worry, though. It’s still a solid Gunn and Moore bat. Like with all Gunn and Moore cricket equipment, you can be sure you’re getting great quality.

One of the elements of the older version of the Purist cricket bat that Gunn and Moore did keep is its slightly lower sweet spot. The placement of this sweet spot is great for the front foot batsman. Even with a lower sweet spot, the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat his very nicely all over.

The Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat is part of the Gunn and Moore F2 series. This means that while it’s still a flat faced bat, it’s got a 2 mm camber to help with surface cracks. Gunn and Moore also uses players grade English willow to construct these cricket bats.

The weights on the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat range from 2:8 to 2:11. With Gunn and Moore’s comfortable ripple style grip, every weight feels nice in hand and has a great pickup.

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Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat 

If you’re looking for a great quality affordable cricket bat, take a look at the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat. This Gray Nicolls bat is a great entry-level style bat. It’s perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want a bat that hits hard.

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

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The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a very thick profile. It’s got big edges at about 40 mm, and a high spine at about 62 mm. In order to keep the edges nice and thick and exaggerate their size, Gray Nicolls has kept the face of the Maverick bat completely flat.

Like I said, Gray Nicolls has made its 2014 Maverick cricket bat a very thick bat, and the weight reflects that. These cricket bats are available in weights Medium, Heavy, and Extreme, which ranges from about 2:9 to 3:0 and higher. The pickup on the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 bat is nice, and feels its weight.

The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a twelve-piece semi-oval cane handle with a half moon grip. This is a quality Gray Nicolls handle and gives the bat a very comfortable feel. The Maverick bat also comes with a toe guard

The sweet spot on the Gray Nicolls 2014 Maverick bat is mid-blade. However, it does ping nicely higher up on the bat as well, so the Maverick bat is good for hooking and pulling as well as driving. With a fair amount of concaving and an even bow, the Gray Nicolls Maverick cricket bat is thick yet comfortable.

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The budget friendly new Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves.

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

Hammer has brought back its popular Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves. With a classic black and white design, these gloves are great for a wide range of players.

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

These Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves feature a three-part design for maximum use and comfort. Hammer uses Plastozote padding and premium PU finger protection to ensure a safe and protective glove. Hammer takes protection one step further with this glove by including an insert on the main finger made of HD foam filled with added fibre.

The palm of the Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves is made of high quality sheepskin leather, which allows for maximum grip and comfort. The lining in the Hammer Core batting glove is made of soft padded toweling. This helps absorb moisture so you get a firm, great hit every time. To help with cooling, Hammer has included an airflow mesh gusset to the Core batting gloves.

The Hammer Core batting gloves are comfortable and light, without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability. The premium Hammer Core batting gloves have the option to be worn with or without inners. In Hammer’s true style, they have included quality embossed Velcro tabs to make sure each glove has the perfect fit.

Hammer has designed its Core batting gloves to be low-cost and budget friendly, so that all players have access to Hammer’s premium cricket gear. The low cost of these gloves does not come with any sacrifice of quality. You’re still getting a great Hammer product.

These Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves are versatile and meet the needs of different types of players. They’re great for youth players as well as club level games. As a lightweight, comfortable, and affordable glove, the Hammer Core can be used for a range of players and play.

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Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat Blog Review.Read NOW.

Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

The Bat.

New to 2014, Puma has released a Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat. With customers in mind, Puma has created this bat to be very similar to its popular Black Edition bat, but slightly less expensive.

The Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

The Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat has a very full profile, with nice large edges and a high spine. It’s an ideal player shape profile with lots of power behind every hit.


While on the heavier side, the Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat still has a very nice pickup, thanks to the minimal bow and comfortable, slightly oval, handle. A solid piece of wood, bat is available from weights 2:10 to 2:13.


The sweet spot on Puma’s Platinum Stealth 2014 cricket bat is comfortably right in the middle. With little to no concaving, it’s a nice wide sweet spot as well. Check your cricket store for exact specs and to feel it out.

Now I’ve mentioned that this bat is very similar to Puma’s Black Edition, and it is. In terms of shape and profile, it’s nearly identical. The difference here is that for the Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat, Puma has used a slightly lower grade English willow, allowing them to lower the cost and pass the savings on to the customer.

Don’t let the lower grade wood bother you; it’s still a great quality Puma bat. Puma has given its Platinum Stealth 2014 cricket bat a nice sleek look with shiny black and silver decals, with a black and silver handle to match.

Even though this bat is more affordable than the black edition, don’t expect it not to sell out. Head over to your favorite local cricket store to pick one up. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out these top brands: Gray Nicolls, Hammer Cricket, Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Affinity Cricket and Adidas Cricket. They’re all sure to impress.

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2013 Gray Nicolls Dynadrive cricket bat

2013 Gray Nicolls Dynadrive cricket bat

very excited to announce that gray nicolls are bringing out the icon known as the gray nicolls dynadrive cricket bat.

A massive favourite of the World’s Elite. The Dynadrive cricket bat provided players with the benefit of a fantastic light pick up, supreme balance and exceptional power from a full spine profile. These unique benefits have not been changed as Gray-Nicolls re-launch another classic. A huge edge profile and an impressive bow make the Dynadrive an imposing bat that will be the talk of the opposition as you stride out to bat.

a couple big names have used the dynadrive in the past.

hope you enjoyed

Some pictures of my new cricket bats

Just thought i would give you a sneak peak at some of my new cricket bats. all of these will be going up against each other in my next edition of the cricket bat face off. The Lekka RDX big hitter and the Crictech Mellet Signature still need to be oiled and knocked but we will see how this all goes over the next few weeks.


So the Bats in the pictures are the


Lekka RDX big hitter.






Next one on the list is the Lekka RDX Envy cricket bat






Also in there is The Crictech Mellet Signature custom cricket bat.








Also in that pack is the USSZ custom made from Zafar Asim in L.A.








And last but certainly not least is my current bat, the Vindico Genghis players + cricket bat






So as you can see there are some awesome bats there and i look forward to having a go with them.

The Bat-off!!



So, was looking around at a few of the bats i have in my store this morning and saw a few of them had very similar profiles. namely the Gray Nicolls legend cricket bat. The Vindico Geronimo players +. The Malik Bubber Sher cricket bat and the CA LE 12000 + TRD cricket bats.

I was thinking of ways that i could compare these bats on a level playing field so i came up with a rating system i think is fare and wont upset to many people.

The rating system goes something like this.

# 1. Price. rated out of 10 points. $600 is to expensive regardless of quality. $300 is a perfect price if the bat is good. $100 is generally a low quality bat so even if the bat is $100 it wont necessarily get a good grade unless its exceptionally good. eg. GN legend scores a 4/10 on price. its an awesome bat but $500 is a lot of money. Bat makers should be finding ways to keep their price lower, not making bats more and more expensive.

#2. Willow. Rated out of 10 points. This is a grade for the overall willow quality and aesthetics. overall look, grains, knots, butterflies, watermarks etc.

#3. Overall finish. Rated out of 10 points. did the bat maker take time to make the bat look pretty. Do you want to frame the bat its so beautiful or you dont mind throwing it in your kit unprotected.

#4. Performance. Rated out of 10 points. will this bat perform well. does it have a good balance and pickup. does it pick up light or does it feel bottom heavy or off balance.

#5. Wow factor. Rated out of 5 points. When you open up the box or show it to your friends are you going to think ” wow ” or does it just look like one of the other millions of bats that are produced every single year.

#6. Moisture content. Rated out of 5 points. Generally speaking a good moisture content is 12% but have found here in america that 9% is more realistic as bats have to travel a long way to get here. who knows what bats go through during the shipping process. The GN legend is on average about 9% so thats a good benchmark. Some Matrrixx bats have measured 2% so thats the other end of the scale and not where you want to be for sure. Ive also only made it worth 5 point because there is a margin for error and this is not an exact science. it is important however and thats why we have added it to the rating system.


So the perfect score is 50/50 and ive rated all these bats according to this scale.


First up here are some side by side pics to show you the bats are all very similar in shape, design, weight etc.
















The GN Legend cricket bat. 2lbs 10oz ( Buy Now, click here )



Score :

1: price. 4/10

2: willow. 9/10

3: finish. 9/10

4: performance. 9/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 39/50

Comments. The GN legend cricket bat is an awesome bat. Great balance. superb quality. One of the best bats money can buy. But thats where the problem is. $495 USD. thats a lot of money. If you want and AUS version you will be paying around $700 USD. Thats just craziness so on the price point it loses some points. Im not saying its not worth that money. just saying its a bit expensive for the average joe like you or me.


Vindico Geronimo Players + cricket bat. 2lbs 14oz. ( Buy Now, click here )




Score :

1: price. 7/10

2: willow. 7/10

3: finish. 7/10

4: performance. 9/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 38/50

Comments. The Vindico Geronimo players + cricket bat is a good quality, solid cricket bat. Its performance outways its initial impression. I have been working closely with Vindico cricket to get there overall quality and finish up to scratch but there is no denying the raw power of these cricket bats. originating from the BAS and RNS factories in India, Vindico have a dedicated bat maker pushing out very limited numbers of quality cricket bats which allows them to make sure they only select quality performance willow. The ping and value for shots are incredible. The price point of $350 is a fantastic place to be as you get the same value for shots as the $495 Legend or the $399 GM original cricket bats.


CA 12000 Plus L.E. TRD cricket bat. 2lbs 9oz (Buy Now, click here )








Score :

1: price. 6/10

2: willow. 9/10

3: finish. 9/10

4: performance. 8/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 40/50

Comments. Very impressed with the CA. Probably better quality willow than the GN legend. The grains are 12 evenly spaced, perfectly straight grains. somehow just about every single CA TRD looks exactly the same. i dont know how they do it. James Laver would be happy to press this bat im sure. The grain structure is perfect. The ping however was not quite there as it was on the Legend and the Geronimo but the moisture content was great so it still scored well on the performace scale. With a little oil and some knocking in this is a top performer and thats the reason , along with a good price point of $379  in my opinion scores a 40/50 points.


The Malik Bubber Sher cricket bat. 2lbs 12oz. (Buy Now, click here )








Score :

1: price. 9/10

2: willow. 7/10

3: finish. 7/10

4: performance. 6/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 2/5


Final score. 35/50

Comments. People come back year after year for a new Bubber Sher. There is no doubting its a great bat. The performance is there. The price point is incredible at $219. Free shipping inside the USA also makes it more attractive. Malik definitely know what they are doing. It scores low on the moisture meter at 5% which is a bit worrisome. But not the end of the world cos at $219 you can afford to buy another if this one happens to break. Make sure you put 3 coats of oil on it before knocking in and you should be good to go. The grain structure is not perfect and its not the best looking bat. But when someone hits you for a 6 with their bubber sher, no one is complaining about how wobbly the grains are.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Bat-Off with these 4 awesome cricket bats. please head to my Facebook page ( cricket store online ) for all the pics from todays blog.

Some interesting info.


CA = 36mm

GN = 36mm

Vindico = 36mm

Sher = 34mm


I will also upload a video later today to youtube so search for ” the cricket store online bat off part 1 ” and check that out to hear the ping for yourself.


Help me get a GM epic graeme smith players edition in mu hands.

please watch my video and give me your support. im trying to get GM to send me a GM epic graeme smith players edition cricket bat so i can do a review for you guys. please give me your support and tweet @richardlowy and @edwardlowy and ask them to please send me one.



you can also go to and send them and email through their contact forms.

Newbery sps cricket kit bag

This is my video review of the Newbery sps cricket kit bag.

• Ideal for the travelling cricketer at home or abroad
• Revised model incorporating the SPS and SPS Max models
• New heavy duty zip pulls and retractable handle
• Dimensions – 900 x 400 x 400
• Available in Navy/Gold or Black/Silver


I hope you have enjoyed my blog entry and please feel free to leave me comments or questions.