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23 02, 2015

Kookaburra xenon cricket bat 2015

By | February 23rd, 2015|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

Kookaburra have added many fantastic new cricket bats to their range. Bats like the Kookaburra Raptor and the Kookaburra Menace. Cricket fans may remember Brad Haddin bringing the Kookaburra Bubble back to life during the 2014 Ashes. Well, Brad Haddin has moved on from using the Kookaburra Bubble and now uses one of the newest bats in the Kookaburra range of cricket [...]

11 11, 2014

How Not to Treat Your Cricket Bat?

By | November 11th, 2014|Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

How Not to Treat Your Cricket Bat? There are few experts in the world of cricket bats that no better as to how to treat your cricket bat than the experts at GM. GM is the standard bearer for quality manufacturing and research when it comes to cricket bat making. But more than what you [...]

3 09, 2014

Affinity Cricket Bats

By | September 3rd, 2014|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

Affinity Cricket Bats The bespoke cricket bat is becoming a buzz word in the cricket gear world. As a huge movement pulls away from the inferior bulk machine made cricket bats, brands like Affinity Cricket and Hammer Cricket are popping up with fantastically crafted cricket bats. These bats fill the void of superbly handcrafted cricket [...]

1 08, 2014

The Quadruple Spine Cricket Bat. Real or Hoax

By | August 1st, 2014|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

The Quad Spine Cricket Bat. Real or Hoax The Quadruple Spine Cricket Bat   Hammer Cricket has been designing top of the line cricket bats and now they are on the cusp of launching something which may be simply revolutionary, a quadruple spine cricket bat. That's right a bat with four spines. The Idea   [...]

3 07, 2014

Partnership between Laver and Wood and Cricketstoreonline

By | July 3rd, 2014|Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

Through the years, it has become clear to all that is committed to providing cricket lovers throughout the world, access to the widest range of cricketing equipment at the best possible industry prices. matches quality with affordability to bring fans the best. As the cricket world innovates with new equipment and new bat makers, it is [...]

16 05, 2014

Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

By | May 16th, 2014|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

Don't Penalize Bigger Bats? Sanjay Manjrekar in a video for ESPNCricinfo was recently of the opinion that bat sizes should be regulated. This would stop edges from travelling quite as far as they do and even the contest between batsmen and bowlers. However, as many cricket commentators and analysts have quickly pointed out, such regulations [...]

4 03, 2014

Newbery Kudos SPS Cricket Bat.

By | March 4th, 2014|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|1 Comment

New to 2014, Newbery has released its Newbery Kudos SPS Cricket Bat. This is an extremely well made bat, and handcrafted in England out of the finest grade 1+ English willow. Newbery Kudos SPS Cricket Bat Find this bat at your cricket store, as well as other top quality cricket equipment from Gunn [...]

2 03, 2014

Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat

By | March 2nd, 2014|Cricket Bat, Cricket Gear Reviews|0 Comments

In keeping with the new trend of bringing back retro bats, Kookaburra has re-released its Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat, and it’s very similar to the popular original. Kookaburra has released the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat in several grades, and the Star is the second grade. While it doesn’t have an incredibly high number of grains, it’s [...]