Shrey Cricket Helmet – Pro Guard Titanium

Shrey Pro Guard Titanium Cricket Helmet

If you have been remotely following cricket gear and cricket equipment over the past couple of years, you will know that one of the fastest growing cricket brands in the world is Shrey. Shrey is a line of high quality cricket helmets.

What is the Shrey Pro Guard Titanium Helmet Made Of?

The main materials for the Shrey Pro Guard Titanium cricket helmet are the lightweight PU for the outer shell. PU is a material that is known to give structural integrity as well as be of a lightweight which makes it perfect for cricket helmets. Inside of the PU shell of the Shrey Pro Guard Titanium Cricket Helmet is high absorption material that absorb the shock so that minimal force is taken by the head.

shrey cricket helmet

What about the Grille of the Helmet?

As its name suggests, the grille of the Shrey Pro Guard Titanium cricket helmet is made of titanium. Titanium is a material known for its obduracy even in the face of huge pressure. It is therefore great for batsmen using the Shrey cricket helmet to know that their face is protected with titanium.

There are other quality materials that make up the chinstrap, strap, cloth that covers the shell and various other parts that complete the wonderful Shrey Pro Guard Titanium cricket helmet.

What comfort features does this cricket helmet have?

For starters it is an incredibly lightweight helmet and that is always a huge factor for cricketers. Another thing to admire about this Shrey cricket helmet is how good the ventilation is. Those two are the greatest factors when it comes to the comfort of a cricket helmet and the Shrey Pro Guard Titanium Cricket Helmet satisfies them both.

Where can I get a Shrey Cricket Helmet in the USA?

The best place to buy a Shrey Cricket Helmet is at Cricket Store Online, great service, great advice and of course great prices.

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Masuri OS2 Cricket Helmet

Masuri OS2 Cricket Helmet

You know Cricket Store Online, you love Cricket Store Online and you have come to expect that Cricket Store Online will bring you the latest on cricket gear and cricket equipment.In that light we introduce you to the Masuri OS2 cricket helmet.

Masuri cricket helmet legacy

Cricket Helmets

Cricket Store Online has been a very vocal advocate to ensuring that batsmen are very well protected when they go out to bat. That is why Cricket Store Online promotes helmet safety as often as possible and sells cricket helmets to the USA public, giving them the opportunity to buy helmets that are being used by the professionals. Recently Cricket Store Online added Shrey Helmets to their inventory of quality cricket helmets available for purchase.

The Single Shell Helmet

Masuri Cricket Helmets, which is synonymous with the epitome of high quality cricket helmets have come out with their single shell helmet, the Masuri OS2. At first glance, this helmet makes a lot of sense. A cricket helmet where the shell of the helmet and the peak are of one piece is what has been quite standard but fell slightly away with the vision series. But now the Masuri OS2 is here and it looks incredibly sleek in design and has a very lightweight feel to it.

Cricket Helmets Standards

There has been a revised BSI Standard testing for cricket helmets. The testing was mainly to ensure that the ball cannot get in between the peak of the helmet and the grille at high impact and the Masuri OS2 Single Shell Helmet meets all of those standards.

Stem Guard

The Masuri OS2 Shell is compatible with fitting a Masuri Stem Guard. The Masuri Stem Guard is of course the additional protection at the back of the helmet that gives much needed protection to the neck and behind the ears area of the batsman.

Shrey Cricket Helmets and other great cricket helmet manufacturers out there have really raised their standard over the years and this is another fantastic cricket helmet from Masuri

Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet

Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet

A recent furor arose in the UK as Alistair Cook the captain of England’s cricket team refused to comply with the English Cricket Board and wear a helmet that complies with the latest BSI standards for cricket helmets. Cook wears a Gray Nicolls cricket helmet. It seems absurd that the captain of the team should have to be begged to comply with standards that are designed to save the lives of players. Cook ought to consider that he is setting a role model standard for youngsters and should comply.


Cook should be looking to wear a cricket helmet like the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet. There is no better piece of cricket head protective equipment than this helmet. It has a fairly pricey tag on it but consider that it is what you are using to protect the engine of your life and perhaps that puts some perspective.

The Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet is of course at its optimum when used in conjunction with the Masuri stem guard. The stem guard is a unique piece that protects the neck of the batsman.

The revolutionary eye line Grille means that the batsman has a good view of the ball when playing his shots. The strategically placed air flow vents means that there is very good ventilation for the batsman to enjoy. The amount of protection as compared to the weight of the helmet is also very impressive. 

The ball cannot fit through the grille of this helmet and the grille of this helmet is made out of sturdy titanium. Consider that the new BSI standards tested specifically for the ability of a ball to fit through the grille at high velocity and the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet came up absolutely trumps. 

If you value what is important in your life and you put that in consideration, then you would be well advised to highly consider buying the Masuri Elite Titanium Cricket Helmet.

Top 10 cricket Helmets and Accessories for 2017 1-5

Top 10 Cricket Helmets and Helmet Accessories for 2017 1-5

1. Masuri Elite Helmets

There is no reason to even debate who should be at the top of the list. It is undoubtedly Masuri. The Masuri Elite Helmets are top of the helmet class when it comes to comfort and protection. Masuri Cricket Helmets are the only helmets that are eligible to take the Masuri Stem Guard. With the Elite Helmet you get a grille with the unique Vision factor that protects your face from the ball but still allows you to get a great view of the ball. All-in-all you want to be buying a Masuri Elite Cricket Helmet.

2. Masuri Test Cricket Helmets

That is right. Number 1 and Number 2 are Masuri cricket products as will number three be. This is a top level of protection cricket helmet. You cannot put a price when it comes to protecting your head and that is why you should be after the very best. The Masuri Test cricket helmet is the very best when it comes to comfort and protection at the very highest level of the game. It is a product that recently was approved by the latest around of helmet testing from the British Bureau of Standards.

3. Masuri Stem Guards

Ever since the death of Phil Hughes, there has been a huge emphasis placed on finding something that will protect the stem of the batsman’s head that is usually unprotected. The Masuri Stem Guard is that unique product. It fits exclusively to Masuri Helmets. It won’t be long before all players will be mandated to bat with a helmet Stem Guard. It is essential that cricketers at all levels and ages bat with a cricket helmet Stem Guard, this is what makes it an essential product for 2016.

4. GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet

The GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet is another helmet that successfully past the latest round of official cricket helmet testing. A superb cricket helmet both for its high protective ability and its super lightweight feel. This helmet was trusted by many international cricketers during the most recent cricket world cup. GM is a mark of quality in cricket equipment.

5. Kookaburra PRO 800 Cricket Helmet

HK051 Helmet Pro 800 Front cricket helmets

Kookaburra Pro 800 cricket helmets

Kookaburra have picked it up on all levels when it comes to their 2016 cricket gear. The Kookaburra PRO 800 cricket helmet is a superbly protective cricket helmet. Kookaburra have done superbly well to keep the price on this cricket helmet at a reasonable rate that will be appealing to all cricketers. It is well designed and offers quality protection.

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