Salix Pod One cricket batting gloves review

Salix Pod One cricket batting gloves review

Price $89











Quality : 3

Comfort : 3

Protection : 3

Perfect Score of 9/9

Phenomenal gloves. Would be very happy to wear these myself. fit really snug on my hands. very comfortable around my wrist and offer test level protection. Might not be the prettiest gloves ( some might disagree ) but certainly are as good as the adidas adi pure and the kahuna 1000. And even better about these awesome gloves is the price.


Thumbs up from me.

SG Sunny Gold cricket bat review

SG Sunny Gold cricket bat review 


Origin: India
Wood: According to SG its Made from top-of-the-line English Willow
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 10 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 40mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

I was a little surprised with this bat as i actually found a noticeable difference on it from your stock standard SG bat. They have increased the size of the edges around the sweetspot similar to the T20i and T11i bats meaning you have a much better chance of clearing that fielder in the deep.  The bigger edges help you to transfer power to the ball meaning the ball will travel further than usual. If you get caught on the boundary alot then maybe this is the bat for you.

We Like

– The big 40mm edges

We Dislike

– The fact that i couldn’t tell the difference between the willow on this bat at $299 and the sunny tonny cricket bat which is $239. Maybe the extra $60 is for the bigger edges.

Star Rating

Price: 6/10                              weight : 2.10
Willow: 8/10                          edge size : 40mm
Finish: 8/10
Performance: 8/10
Wow: 3/5

total score : 33/45


For more information on this SG bat plus others please click here.

Slazenger x-tec ultimate thigh pad

Slazenger Xtec Ultimate Thigh Pad

To protect your lower limbs from serious hits, you would need a top-of-the-line thigh pad. This one keeps its promise with its lightweight and flexible features, allowing you to move your legs without feeling any restriction at all.

cricket store online slazenger thigh pad

slazenger xtec ultimate thigh guard

It wraps easily giving a comfortable fit and the contoured pad adjusts perfectly to the thighs giving total protection to the core. The high-density foam absorbs the pressure from high-impact situations. It is so light that you can concentrate on your game instead of having to bother about contraptions hugging your thighs.

The Velcro fasteners hold the pad securely adding more comfort. The cord tie may take some getting used to. Others may find it disagreeable when the Velcro locks the pad in place giving adequate security.

One of the great features of this product is the towel lining that fully absorbs sweat even under grueling circumstances. You can forget about the rest of your legs getting soaked under the hot sun and sweltering temperatures. Batsmen will find this thigh pad very useful due to its high-density foam molded to fit the contours of the body and the lightweight factor that bodes well for International level of playing.

This product is available at cricket store online.

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SS Platinum Reserve Cricket Bat

This is a cricket bat review of the SS platinum reserve cricket bat. When i took this cricket bat out of the padded cover that it comes with i immediately saw the immaculate cricket bat face. The grains in the wood are perfect. You can see these cricket bats are all hand selected for quality, and the SS platinum reserve cricket bat is no different. This is really a top quality piece of english willow that comes with a minimum of 13 grains and weight ranges between 2.8lbs and 2.14lbs.

Here is a short video review of the SS platinum reserve cricket bat.

I also found that this cricket bat has an excellent pickup and balance. It really felt effortless and i would say this is one of the best bats that i have reviewed so far. This SS platinum reserve comes with a padded bat cover and toe guard.

You can feel confident that if you purchase this bat from that it is the genuine article and that you are getting value for you money.

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MRF Wizard Brian Lara 400 Cricket Bat

So the first thing i noticed about the MRF Wizard Brian Lara Cricket Bat was just how well balanced it is. MRF really has done a good job at creating this masterpiece of a cricket bat. Its almost as if its not in your hands at all. It feels so light it is just amazing. The cricket bat is available in the light to medium range and is available now for $239 at cricket store online.

Watch this short little video from cricket store online in which i explain some of the things i really like about this cricket bat.

Another thing i like about this cricket bat is that it only has 7 or 8 grains. According to the master bat maker at Laver & Wood in New zealand 8 grains is the perfect amount as that will help your bat last longer. If you have to many grains your new cricket bat isnt going to last you more than a few seasons.

This MRF wizard 400 cricket bat is also made in the old fashion model of having thinner edges. I personally prefer thinner edges as it also helps the cricket bat last longer

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