Sg cricket batting pads 2012 cricket gear review

Sg cricket batting pads 2012 cricket gear review













SG MAXILITE XL cricket batting pads Ambi

Im not going to be going into to much depth in this review, if you want to know materials used etc then click on one of the links and look at the image description on my website. just a few personal opinions etc is what i want to share here and comparisons between these SG cricket batting pads.

These SG maxilite pads are the new pads in my kit bag. I really like them. The quality is top notch. They are super light with each pad only weighing 1lbs 6oz. Ive found these very very comfortable and great to run in. they never got in the way on any of my shots and felt very confident in them when playing shots. The padding is superb and when getting hit by the ball on the pads i never had any issues. One negative about these pads is they are Ambi pads so you dont get the wrap around affect of the wings on other RH or LF pads. My rule of thumb is use your bat so that not an issue for me.

These pads sell for about $75


SG RSD PROLITE cricket batting pads

SG RSD PROLITE cricket batting pads

These SG pads look better in the pics than they actually are in real life. They have a very low level of padding and are probably only ok for school cricket. They weigh in at 1lbs 9oz each which is on the lighter side, but unlike the maxilite s, these are light because they have insufficient padding. So if you are not to serious about your cricket and play at a lower level then these pads at $45 will be great for you.


SG VS 319 ULTIMATE cricket batting pads

SG VS 319 ULTIMATE cricket batting pads

Now we are starting to get back on the right track with regards batting pads. The quality on these SG VS 319 Ultimate pads are very good and for only $65 its a good buy. The padding is good and these pads can easily be used in any club or regional level of cricket. They are less light than some other pads but not heavy by any means. weighing it at 1lbs 12oz each they are certainly manageable but not anywhere as light as the maxilite XL. i would spend the extra $10 and get the maxilites. oh wait a minute, i did.


SG TEST cricket batting pads

SG TEST cricket batting pads

And last but not least we have the much awaited for review of the SG test batting pads. Great quality international level batting pads. Costing you just $65 these are very good pads and an even better buy. Padding and comfort is superb. I also found these pads didn’t move around on my leg. Running down the pitch they stayed where i put them. Not like my old $160 puma pads that needed to be adjusted after ever run as they ended up on the side of my leg. The only negative i could find about these pads is the fact they are quite a bit heavier than the maxilite xl’s. weighing in at 1lbs 14oz, meaning the crappy $45 pads are lighter. im not sure thats a good thing.


Moral of the story, spend an extra $10 and get the Maxilites, unless you don’t like light pads or don’t like the moulded look, then the test pads are you best bet.



SG Sunny Legend full cricket bat review with scores

SG Sunny Legend full cricket bat review with scores

Hey guys so here we are again, reviewing another top of the line, ( players grade ) cricket bat. This time its the SG sunny legend cricket bat from SG out of India.

As you know by now the video review is done, if you haven’t seen it i will repost the video at the bottom of this post for you to watch. So lets get right into it.


Origin: India
Wood: Grade 1 English willow ( players grade )
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 10 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 35mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

Overall a very nice bat, great finishing. very good quality of willow. i was a bit disappointed about the round handle as oval handles seem to be the big thing these days. toe guard is well finished, polycoat is excellent. moisture content was perfect. I was also a bit disappointed about the fact that the SG website says the bat comes with a special made bat coffin but in fact i didn’t get any of these. maybe im not cool enough to get those. Overall, besides the awesome quality of the bat there is nothing special. ive seen bats of the same great quality for $350 so im not sure this one is worth the money. Ping is excellent but as i showed you in the video you can get a $99 bat to ping the same as his bat. At $550 this bat will score very low on the price factor. The same quality GM LE is only $459, about $90 less than this bat.

We Like

– The finish
– The quality of the willow. 99% perfect.

We Dislike

– The price and the round handle

Star Rating

Price: 3/10                              weight : 2.10
Willow: 10/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 10/10
Performance: 8/10
Wow: 3/5

total score : 34/45








# 1. Price. rated out of 10 points. $600 is to expensive regardless of quality. $300 is a perfect price if the bat is good. $100 is generally a low quality bat so even if the bat is $100 it wont necessarily get a good grade unless its exceptionally good. eg. GN legend scores a 4/10 on price. its an awesome bat but $500 is a lot of money. Bat makers should be finding ways to keep their price lower, not making bats more and more expensive.

#2. Willow. Rated out of 10 points. This is a grade for the overall willow quality and aesthetics. overall look, grains, knots, butterflies, watermarks etc.

#3. Overall finish. Rated out of 10 points. did the bat maker take time to make the bat look pretty. Do you want to frame the bat its so beautiful or you dont mind throwing it in your kit unprotected.

#4. Performance. Rated out of 10 points. will this bat perform well. does it have a good balance and pickup. does it pick up light or does it feel bottom heavy or off balance.

#5. Wow factor. Rated out of 5 points. When you open up the box or show it to your friends are you going to think ” wow ” or does it just look like one of the other millions of bats that are produced every single year.


Gray Nicolls Evo 1000 cricket batting gloves

The Gray Nicolls Evo 1000 cricket batting gloves like all more expensive gloves i have reviewed are really really nice. Gray nicolls have really out done themselves here with these awesome batting gloves. The quality of the leather is top notch and they are also really comfortable.

These cricket batting gloves offer supreme quality, breathability and also protection from pace bowlers at any level. I found that even after a long innings that my hands stayed dry ( ish ) and my fingers  or hands never really got tired. You see, the gloves are moulded so that you dont need to flex your hands around the bat, using up energy and fatiguing your hands. All you need to do is use the least amount of energy to actually hang on to your bat.

You will feel comfortable in these cricket batting gloves and you will also have supreme control of all your shots.

Thanks you for taking the time to read the cricket gear review. You can contact me directly on 1.888.470.4746 or email me at