Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves

Now this is exciting. A brand new range of batting gloves from Gray Nicolls. The Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves.These gloves are virtually a player’s edition quality cricket glove and they are priced initially by Gray Nicolls at an exceptionally good price.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.24.20 AM

For starters with a glove, you obviously look at protection. These gloves come with a fully fiber-glassed shell for the most vulnerable leading index finger. That is the kind of protection you want for what is the most exposed part of the hands when you bat. The middle finger of that leading hand is also fiber-glassed to the half way point as that finger is also in the firing line when the batsman faces up to the bowler.
These gloves are simple but very classy with their sausage style finger design. The sausage fingers offer a good deal of flexibility. The thumb is a 3-piece, the 3-piece thumb offers additional flexibility to the thumb of the batsman who uses his thumb mainly to manipulate the balls direction off his bat.
Many bastmen will check the glove to see what kind of protection is offered where the hand will grip the bat. The Gray Nicolls Silver gloves have great Gel-Tek up the side of the glove with a lot of soft fill to give the batsman an extremely comfortable grip on the bat.
The palm of the Gray Nicolls Silver Gloves is made from very high quality leather with extra reinforced patches on the places of the palm that would wear out first.It has superb breathability and ventilation as well as a very large and comfortable sweat band.
The Gray Nicolls Silver Gloves are off course finished with a very high quality and high durability velcro strap that keeps the gloves snugly on the batsman’s hands.
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New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes

New to 2014, New Balance is expanding its brand in terms of cricket equipment with its New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes. While New Balance’s other cricket equipment has been great quality, it’s known for its shoes, and is really making sure to impress with these CK4040 AR shoes.

New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes

One great thing about the New Balance CK4040AR Cricket Shoes are their versatility. While they were designed with bowling boots in mind, and are worn by top bowler Dale Steyn, they really can be used for batting and fielding as well. This is partially due to the extra support offered in the shoe.

New Balance has taken protection and support very seriously in its design for the CK4040AR cricket shoe. It’s fitted with a Velcro support strap, as well as a T-Beam, which helps to keep your knees and ankles stable when landing, thus preventing both short-term and long-term injuries.

On its CK4040AR cricket shoes, New Balance has included a full leather upper. Not only does this look nice on the shoe, it helps make the shoes last a long time. The full leather upper on New Balance’s CK4040AR cricket shoes allow the shoes to be durable and really endure the elements if you’re playing outdoors in the rain or mud. This will help save you money in the long run because you won’t be running out for a new pair of shoes every season.

The versatility of New Balance’s CK4040AR cricket shoes doesn’t stop with how they can be played. New Balance has allowed these shoes to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor play with unique rubber soles and removable spikes.

Head over to your cricket store to check these new shoes out along with other premium cricket equipment from these top brands: Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls, Slazenger Cricket, Kookaburra, and Adidas Cricket.

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Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat

If you missed Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat from the 1990s, you’re in luck because it’s back now! It was so popular in the past that Gunn and Moore decided to bring it back, with a few small changes.

GM Purist cricket bat

GM Purist cricket bat

Be sure to stop by your cricket store ( Like )for this great bat and other cricket equipment from these top brands: Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Slazenger Cricket, and Adidas Cricket

I mentioned that the Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat is different from its previous version. Gunn and Moore has updated this bat by making it bigger and giving it a slightly different shape that allows it to pick up a little better.

A bit unique to Gunn and Moore, the Purist bat has pretty large edges. The edges on this bat are also offset, allowing for an expanded sweet spot. The offset edges on the Gunn and Moore Purist bat also provide power and help in a great deal with the pickup.

For the Purist cricket bat, Gunn and Moore has given it a player shape by leaving more wood in the center and at the edges, with a little less wood at the top. Not to worry, though. It’s still a solid Gunn and Moore bat. Like with all Gunn and Moore cricket equipment, you can be sure you’re getting great quality.

One of the elements of the older version of the Purist cricket bat that Gunn and Moore did keep is its slightly lower sweet spot. The placement of this sweet spot is great for the front foot batsman. Even with a lower sweet spot, the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat his very nicely all over.

The Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat is part of the Gunn and Moore F2 series. This means that while it’s still a flat faced bat, it’s got a 2 mm camber to help with surface cracks. Gunn and Moore also uses players grade English willow to construct these cricket bats.

The weights on the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat range from 2:8 to 2:11. With Gunn and Moore’s comfortable ripple style grip, every weight feels nice in hand and has a great pickup.

Find this bat and other cricket equipment from these top brands: Gray Nicolls, Kookaburra, Slazenger Cricket, and Adidas Cricket at your cricket store.

2013 Gray Nicolls Dynadrive cricket bat

2013 Gray Nicolls Dynadrive cricket bat

very excited to announce that gray nicolls are bringing out the icon known as the gray nicolls dynadrive cricket bat.

A massive favourite of the World’s Elite. The Dynadrive cricket bat provided players with the benefit of a fantastic light pick up, supreme balance and exceptional power from a full spine profile. These unique benefits have not been changed as Gray-Nicolls re-launch another classic. A huge edge profile and an impressive bow make the Dynadrive an imposing bat that will be the talk of the opposition as you stride out to bat.

a couple big names have used the dynadrive in the past.

hope you enjoyed

Salix Pod One cricket batting gloves review

Salix Pod One cricket batting gloves review

Price $89











Quality : 3

Comfort : 3

Protection : 3

Perfect Score of 9/9

Phenomenal gloves. Would be very happy to wear these myself. fit really snug on my hands. very comfortable around my wrist and offer test level protection. Might not be the prettiest gloves ( some might disagree ) but certainly are as good as the adidas adi pure and the kahuna 1000. And even better about these awesome gloves is the price.


Thumbs up from me.

SG king Cobra cricket bat reviewed by cricket store online

SG king Cobra cricket bat


Origin: India
Wood: According to SG its Made from top-of-the-line English Willow
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 10 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 34mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

Im rather disappointed with this bat. as im now going through the range of bats things that made the bats new and fresh in the beginning are now becoming boring and dull. my point is yeah SG cricket have come out with new and fresh designs for their bats but like SS cricket its all very similar throughout the range with only a few small alterations to make bats different. things that every new SG bat has are, concaved spine, exaggerated edges. when will we see the sub continent brands have some variation in their bats like GM or GN? and coming in at $389 thats a lot of money for a bat you dont even know what grade of willow it is.

We Like

– the willow quality

We Dislike

– the fact it looks like many other SG bats, this king cobra certainly wont be a spitting cobra in my opinion. the round handle, the ping or lack there of.

Star Rating

Price: 5/10                              weight : 2.10
Willow: 8/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 8/10
Performance: 6/10
Wow: 2/5

total score : 29/45

Crictech custom made cricket bats

Crictech custom made cricket bats

So a few weeks ago i started with this series of blogs about crictech custom made cricket bats. Well im pleased to announce i have the cricket bat, have knocked it in and am taking it to the nets this evening. Not only will it be me using the bat but also two USA national team players. Crictech have told me they may not like the bat as the bat is custom designed for me but thats ok. Im keen to get their impressions of the idea and what they think of the process of using the hotspot impact marker sheets.


To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


My initial impression of the bat when i opened the box was Wow, my very first, personally designed, custom made cricket bat.

It took me a little while for the stickers to grow on me and now when i look at it i like it more and more. There is just something special about owning a custom made bat that no other big brand out there can offer. Without a doubt of all the bats i now own as a cricket store owner, this crictech custom is my favorite. Other bats i have may be better, may have bigger meat, bigger sweetspots, bigger edges etc etc etc, but this one is my favorite and is probably the only bat i own that is not for sale. ( except also maybe the bat i scored my first 100 with. )


The balance on the bat is as good as its gets. It weighs about 2-3 oz heavier than it ctually feels. The pickup is very light. The bat is aggressive with powerful edges and a slight concave on the back profile. It has a slight bow to the face of the bat and the entire package comes together very nicely.

The whole process came together from order placement to bat in my hands in less that a month and Richard from crictech says the bats can be made in as little as 15 days. Thats pretty impressive considering you wait about 5 weeks for a laver and wood.


To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


I remember when waiting for this bat i was like a little boy again waiting for a christmas present. Since i started this company two years ago i haven’t had that feeling for new gear coming in as i see hundreds of cricket bats come and go through my store.  And thats what makes crictech special. They really are offering you that special feeling again when buying a cricket bat. Its an extension of your arms, your sword as you go into battle and it may even save your life as you protect your body against rib tingling snorters.


If you are in the market for a new bat i suggest you think about crictech, no kit is complete till you have your own custom made cricket bat.

To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


Please leave me a comment or two and let me know your thoughts.


you can contact me on

Some pictures of my new cricket bats

Just thought i would give you a sneak peak at some of my new cricket bats. all of these will be going up against each other in my next edition of the cricket bat face off. The Lekka RDX big hitter and the Crictech Mellet Signature still need to be oiled and knocked but we will see how this all goes over the next few weeks.


So the Bats in the pictures are the


Lekka RDX big hitter.






Next one on the list is the Lekka RDX Envy cricket bat






Also in there is The Crictech Mellet Signature custom cricket bat.








Also in that pack is the USSZ custom made from Zafar Asim in L.A.








And last but certainly not least is my current bat, the Vindico Genghis players + cricket bat






So as you can see there are some awesome bats there and i look forward to having a go with them.

The Bat-off!!



So, was looking around at a few of the bats i have in my store this morning and saw a few of them had very similar profiles. namely the Gray Nicolls legend cricket bat. The Vindico Geronimo players +. The Malik Bubber Sher cricket bat and the CA LE 12000 + TRD cricket bats.

I was thinking of ways that i could compare these bats on a level playing field so i came up with a rating system i think is fare and wont upset to many people.

The rating system goes something like this.

# 1. Price. rated out of 10 points. $600 is to expensive regardless of quality. $300 is a perfect price if the bat is good. $100 is generally a low quality bat so even if the bat is $100 it wont necessarily get a good grade unless its exceptionally good. eg. GN legend scores a 4/10 on price. its an awesome bat but $500 is a lot of money. Bat makers should be finding ways to keep their price lower, not making bats more and more expensive.

#2. Willow. Rated out of 10 points. This is a grade for the overall willow quality and aesthetics. overall look, grains, knots, butterflies, watermarks etc.

#3. Overall finish. Rated out of 10 points. did the bat maker take time to make the bat look pretty. Do you want to frame the bat its so beautiful or you dont mind throwing it in your kit unprotected.

#4. Performance. Rated out of 10 points. will this bat perform well. does it have a good balance and pickup. does it pick up light or does it feel bottom heavy or off balance.

#5. Wow factor. Rated out of 5 points. When you open up the box or show it to your friends are you going to think ” wow ” or does it just look like one of the other millions of bats that are produced every single year.

#6. Moisture content. Rated out of 5 points. Generally speaking a good moisture content is 12% but have found here in america that 9% is more realistic as bats have to travel a long way to get here. who knows what bats go through during the shipping process. The GN legend is on average about 9% so thats a good benchmark. Some Matrrixx bats have measured 2% so thats the other end of the scale and not where you want to be for sure. Ive also only made it worth 5 point because there is a margin for error and this is not an exact science. it is important however and thats why we have added it to the rating system.


So the perfect score is 50/50 and ive rated all these bats according to this scale.


First up here are some side by side pics to show you the bats are all very similar in shape, design, weight etc.
















The GN Legend cricket bat. 2lbs 10oz ( Buy Now, click here )



Score :

1: price. 4/10

2: willow. 9/10

3: finish. 9/10

4: performance. 9/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 39/50

Comments. The GN legend cricket bat is an awesome bat. Great balance. superb quality. One of the best bats money can buy. But thats where the problem is. $495 USD. thats a lot of money. If you want and AUS version you will be paying around $700 USD. Thats just craziness so on the price point it loses some points. Im not saying its not worth that money. just saying its a bit expensive for the average joe like you or me.


Vindico Geronimo Players + cricket bat. 2lbs 14oz. ( Buy Now, click here )




Score :

1: price. 7/10

2: willow. 7/10

3: finish. 7/10

4: performance. 9/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 38/50

Comments. The Vindico Geronimo players + cricket bat is a good quality, solid cricket bat. Its performance outways its initial impression. I have been working closely with Vindico cricket to get there overall quality and finish up to scratch but there is no denying the raw power of these cricket bats. originating from the BAS and RNS factories in India, Vindico have a dedicated bat maker pushing out very limited numbers of quality cricket bats which allows them to make sure they only select quality performance willow. The ping and value for shots are incredible. The price point of $350 is a fantastic place to be as you get the same value for shots as the $495 Legend or the $399 GM original cricket bats.


CA 12000 Plus L.E. TRD cricket bat. 2lbs 9oz (Buy Now, click here )








Score :

1: price. 6/10

2: willow. 9/10

3: finish. 9/10

4: performance. 8/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 4/5


Final score. 40/50

Comments. Very impressed with the CA. Probably better quality willow than the GN legend. The grains are 12 evenly spaced, perfectly straight grains. somehow just about every single CA TRD looks exactly the same. i dont know how they do it. James Laver would be happy to press this bat im sure. The grain structure is perfect. The ping however was not quite there as it was on the Legend and the Geronimo but the moisture content was great so it still scored well on the performace scale. With a little oil and some knocking in this is a top performer and thats the reason , along with a good price point of $379  in my opinion scores a 40/50 points.


The Malik Bubber Sher cricket bat. 2lbs 12oz. (Buy Now, click here )








Score :

1: price. 9/10

2: willow. 7/10

3: finish. 7/10

4: performance. 6/10

5: wow. 4/5

6: moisture. 2/5


Final score. 35/50

Comments. People come back year after year for a new Bubber Sher. There is no doubting its a great bat. The performance is there. The price point is incredible at $219. Free shipping inside the USA also makes it more attractive. Malik definitely know what they are doing. It scores low on the moisture meter at 5% which is a bit worrisome. But not the end of the world cos at $219 you can afford to buy another if this one happens to break. Make sure you put 3 coats of oil on it before knocking in and you should be good to go. The grain structure is not perfect and its not the best looking bat. But when someone hits you for a 6 with their bubber sher, no one is complaining about how wobbly the grains are.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Bat-Off with these 4 awesome cricket bats. please head to my Facebook page ( cricket store online ) for all the pics from todays blog.

Some interesting info.


CA = 36mm

GN = 36mm

Vindico = 36mm

Sher = 34mm


I will also upload a video later today to youtube so search for ” the cricket store online bat off part 1 ” and check that out to hear the ping for yourself.


Help me get a GM epic graeme smith players edition in mu hands.

please watch my video and give me your support. im trying to get GM to send me a GM epic graeme smith players edition cricket bat so i can do a review for you guys. please give me your support and tweet @richardlowy and @edwardlowy and ask them to please send me one.



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