Laver & Wood Cricket bats

Laver & Wood Cricket bats

Everything nowadays is about bespoke and custom made and tailor made. From your suits and ties to the trimmings of your vehicles and everything in between, there is a distinct luxury about having something custom made for you.

The same is true when it comes to your cricket bat. There are plenty of great cricket bats on the shelf, like top of the range GM’s or a top of the range Kookaburra or even a great piece of willow from an up and coming brand like Hammer Cricket. But still in all, there is something luxurious, opulent and downright dreamy about getting a bat custom made for you.
There is no better custom made bat than the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat. Customize where you want the sweet spot. Do you love the front foot or do you prefer the back foot? Well why not make a bat that suits those preferences. The best thing about the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat and all Laver and Wood cricket bats for that matter is that James Laver does not compromise one iota on the materials that he uses for his cricket bats. The willow is the cream of the forest, absolutely pristine player grade willow. The cane for the handle and everything in between is absolutely top quality.
Like most custom made items, these bats suit their owners perfectly. Minimal fuss and great character but the added benefit of a Laver and Wood cricket bat is that these bats are built to last. If treated properly these bats can last well over a decade. Proper care means buying a cover for it but more importantly it means ensuring that the bat is ready for play before it faces even one ball. Ask the experts at Hammer Cricket and they can tell you exactly what needs to take place.
There is scantly a better cricket bat on the market than the Laver and Wood Reserve Cricket Bat.
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Laver and Wood special reserve ultra cricket bat

Laver and Wood special reserve ultra cricket bat 


Origin: New Zealand
Wood: Grade 1 English willow
Sizes Available: SH custom options
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 08 oz
Handle: oval
Edge (at widest): 41mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

A really impressive bat, not quite as awesome as my laver private bin but the wow factor with this bat is certainly there. Im not a fan of the flat face but down the road when its played in this bat will certainly play well. Don’t sell your bat if you use it in the nets once and it doesn’t seem like its powerful. Like GM bats this bat will also take a few innings to open up. This will hit massive sixes guaranteed, after all, its a laver!! The edges are massive and the quality is top drawer.

We Like

– The edges
– The aggressive profile and nature
– The fear in the bowlers eyes when you walk out to the middle with this beast

We Dislike

– The flat face

Star Rating

Price: 5/10                              weight : 2.9
Willow: 7/10                          edge size : 41mm
Finish: 9/10
Performance: 8/10
Wow: 5/5

Moisture content: 2/5               total score : 36/50


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Cricket bat face off with some of the best bats in the world

So here it is, after many weeks of planning and weeks of knocking in bats ive finally been able to put this together. Not to mention a few bucks spent on bats, net sessions and a host of other expenses. ( so buy a bat off me so i can start paying for this entertainment ).


What we have here in the following video is the cricket bat face off and review of the following cricket bats.

Lekka TPX big hitter cricket bat

Lekka RDX envy cricket bat

USSZ cricket bat

Crictech custom made cricket bat

Vindico Genghis players + cricket bat

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Come back later on as i will reveal scores and opinions in the next blog after this one, so look out for the cricket bat face of scores and results later on.


Thanks and please leave me your comments and views. I would love to hear them.

Crictech custom made cricket bats

Crictech custom made cricket bats

So a few weeks ago i started with this series of blogs about crictech custom made cricket bats. Well im pleased to announce i have the cricket bat, have knocked it in and am taking it to the nets this evening. Not only will it be me using the bat but also two USA national team players. Crictech have told me they may not like the bat as the bat is custom designed for me but thats ok. Im keen to get their impressions of the idea and what they think of the process of using the hotspot impact marker sheets.


To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


My initial impression of the bat when i opened the box was Wow, my very first, personally designed, custom made cricket bat.

It took me a little while for the stickers to grow on me and now when i look at it i like it more and more. There is just something special about owning a custom made bat that no other big brand out there can offer. Without a doubt of all the bats i now own as a cricket store owner, this crictech custom is my favorite. Other bats i have may be better, may have bigger meat, bigger sweetspots, bigger edges etc etc etc, but this one is my favorite and is probably the only bat i own that is not for sale. ( except also maybe the bat i scored my first 100 with. )


The balance on the bat is as good as its gets. It weighs about 2-3 oz heavier than it ctually feels. The pickup is very light. The bat is aggressive with powerful edges and a slight concave on the back profile. It has a slight bow to the face of the bat and the entire package comes together very nicely.

The whole process came together from order placement to bat in my hands in less that a month and Richard from crictech says the bats can be made in as little as 15 days. Thats pretty impressive considering you wait about 5 weeks for a laver and wood.


To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


I remember when waiting for this bat i was like a little boy again waiting for a christmas present. Since i started this company two years ago i haven’t had that feeling for new gear coming in as i see hundreds of cricket bats come and go through my store.  And thats what makes crictech special. They really are offering you that special feeling again when buying a cricket bat. Its an extension of your arms, your sword as you go into battle and it may even save your life as you protect your body against rib tingling snorters.


If you are in the market for a new bat i suggest you think about crictech, no kit is complete till you have your own custom made cricket bat.

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