Karun Nair and his Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat!

Did you notice? Karun Nair and his Gray Nicolls

I am a cricket fan but more than that I am a cricket bat fan. I love noticing the little cricket bat quirks. I have been intrigued that AB De Villiers has been seen training with an MRF cricket bat, does this mean that AB De Villiers will be leaving the Kookaburra cricket bats that he has used for the entirety of his career?

Karun Nair goes big

I also noticed that the MCC has made recommendation that the law be changed to limit the size of cricket bats. How will this affect the game as we know it? Will it stop top edges going for 6?

But most intriguing of all to me was Karun Nair.

Karun Nair scored a magnificent triple century. I watched as India piled on more than 700 runs against a hapless English attack. But all the while I kept on thinking to myself over the long Karun Nair innings, when is the last time I saw an Indian batsman using a Gray Nicolls cricket bat?

Nair was in fact using the Gray Nicolls Pro Performance cricket bat. I cannot even think when is the last time I saw an Indian cricketer using a GM cricket bat or a Kookaburra cricket bat.

Umar Akmal used to use a GM cricket bat and Dinesh Chandimal used a Kookaburra, Kumar Sangakkarra used a Kookaburra for a long while but I cannot remember when is the last time I saw a batsman from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka using a predominantly English or Australian cricket bat.

It is well known that at lower levels in Indian cricket these bats are very prevalent. There are some GM cricket bats that are even produced in India but is this Karun Nair triple century going to be the beginning of a trend with top professional Indian cricketers using bats like Gray Nicolls. Or will it be a matter of time before we see Karun Nair using an MRF or SG like cricket bat?

This perhaps goes back to another article i wrote about how it always seems to be a Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat that is involved in record breaking knocks.

Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat Blog Review.Read NOW.

Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

The Bat.

New to 2014, Puma has released a Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat. With customers in mind, Puma has created this bat to be very similar to its popular Black Edition bat, but slightly less expensive.

The Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

The Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat

Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat has a very full profile, with nice large edges and a high spine. It’s an ideal player shape profile with lots of power behind every hit.


While on the heavier side, the Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat still has a very nice pickup, thanks to the minimal bow and comfortable, slightly oval, handle. A solid piece of wood, bat is available from weights 2:10 to 2:13.


The sweet spot on Puma’s Platinum Stealth 2014 cricket bat is comfortably right in the middle. With little to no concaving, it’s a nice wide sweet spot as well. Check your cricket store for exact specs and to feel it out.

Now I’ve mentioned that this bat is very similar to Puma’s Black Edition, and it is. In terms of shape and profile, it’s nearly identical. The difference here is that for the Puma Platinum Stealth Cricket Bat, Puma has used a slightly lower grade English willow, allowing them to lower the cost and pass the savings on to the customer.

Don’t let the lower grade wood bother you; it’s still a great quality Puma bat. Puma has given its Platinum Stealth 2014 cricket bat a nice sleek look with shiny black and silver decals, with a black and silver handle to match.

Even though this bat is more affordable than the black edition, don’t expect it not to sell out. Head over to your favorite local cricket store to pick one up. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out these top brands: Gray Nicolls, Hammer Cricket, Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Affinity Cricket and Adidas Cricket. They’re all sure to impress.

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Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat

Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat

Hammer Cricket now has in stock an updated 2014 version of its very popular Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat. Hammer recognized the reputation of the 2013 version of this bat, and therefore only made minor changes to the 2014 version.

Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat

Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat

Each Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat is handcrafted in England and made from performance grade English willow. This ensures that all Hammer bats are going to have a high number of straight grains with little to no blemishes.

The shape of the premium Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat allows it to be great for one day play as well as T20 cricket and longer formats. It’s got a slight camber and a very subtle bow, which gives the bat a nice neutral pickup. The edge on this bat sits at around 35 mm, giving the bat a nice balance.

The Hammer Hel 156 bat features a medium hybrid sweet spot. This means it’s got lots of wood where you’re going to be hitting the ball, but it also has a really nice amount of wood up high at the shoulders, allowing you to still play defense and defensive shots well.

This premium Hammer cricket bat is fitted with a comfortable oval handle. New to 2014, the decals on the Hammer Hel 156 bat are updated and take up less space on the bat. They’re still classic orange and black, but a little more minimalist.

Hammer’s Hel 156 2014 cricket bat is available in four grades: Core, Pro, Limited Edition, and Platinum. Platinum bats are custom made to the customer’s specs. Each bat is fitted with a toe guard, scuff sheet, and a Hammer bat cover.

All-in-all, the Hammer Hel 156 2014 cricket bat is a great all around bat for different types of play. Head over to HammerCricket.com or CricketStoreOnline.com to pick up your premium bat today.

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