David Warner and Steve Smith Use Pink Cricket Bat.

There has been somewhat of a buzz around Pink cricket bat from different players. Chris Gayle used a gold colored cricket bat for the Big Bash 2015-2016 and Andre Russell has gathered a fair bit of publicity with his black colored Spartan cricket bat.

As has become tradition though, the New Year’s Test Match at the Sydney Cricket Ground is known as the Pink Test Match. This is not to be confused with the fact that when they play a Day/Night Test match they use a Pink cricket ball. The Pink Test Match is there to help raise money for the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation was started by former Australian fast bowler to raise money for breast cancer awareness. This is something close to Mcgrath’s heart after his first wife, Jane McGrath, died of breast cancer.

In this year’s Pink Test Match, the headlines were stolen before lunch by David Warner who became only the fifth batsman ever to score a century before lunch in a Test Match.

david warner pink cricket bat

To cricket bat lovers they would have noticed that David Warner was using a brand new Gray Nicolls Kaboom cricket bat and in honor of the Pink Test Match, Gray Nicolls had made special pink cricket bat stickers for the bat for Warner.

Later on the Australian skipper, Steve Smith came out to bat with a brand new New Balance pink cricket bat that had also had the stickers in full pink in honor of the Pink Test Match.

steve smith pink cricket bat

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that the Pink Test Match should have been a Day/Night Test match so that they could have used the pink cricket ball.

The way David Warner batted, it seems possible that we will be seeing him come out to bat with that Pink stickered cricket bat once again.

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Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bat

Is there a better all-round batsman in the world than David Warner? Whether it is Tests, ODI or T20, David Warner is worth his weight in gold and then some. David Warner recently led the Surisers Hydrebad to be the champions of the IPL for 2016 and it was David Warner and his Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bat that was at the front and centre of their batting.

David warner kaboom cricket bat

David warner kaboom cricket bat

The name of the Gray Nicolls Kaboom says it all. It is a bat made for the power hitter. There are no tentative measures with the Gray Nicolls Kaboom, it means business from the very first ball.

The profile of the Gray Nicolls Kaboom is terrifyingly huge. The huge profile goes along with the massive edges that all in all makes this into a ball butchering weapon.

You would be surprised to know that despite all of the meat in this bat with a mid blade sweet spot, Gray Nicolls has still been able to maintain a 2lbs8oz to 2lbs12oz weight limit on the Kaboom cricket bat. This is almost as impressive as the size of the profile. 

The profile of the Gray Nicolls Kaboom cricket bat is in fact made to the specifications of Dave Warner himself. Those specifications are quite simple but extremely effective. Maximize the profile. And that is exactly what Gray Nicolls has done. In order to maximize the profile, Gray Nicolls has give the Kaboom a slight concave.

Most people who purchase the Gray Nicolls Kaboom like to use 2 or more grips with it. This is quite common with any cricket bat and how much more so on a bat with such a huge profile.

The handle is made from choice cane and is a 12 piece handle. There is very little vibration if any through to the hands.

If you are a power hitter with the strength to handle a bat with such a huge profile than there is no better option on the market other than the Gray Nicolls Kaboom. It is more than just a cricket bat, it is a cricket weapon.

Gray Nicolls Powerbow Stripe Generation X- Junior Bats

The Gray Nicolls Powerbow Stripe Generation X Junior Cricket Bat is a top of the line cricket bat that is built specifically with Junior’s in mind. The willow on these bats is superb and Gray Nicolls have not gone skimpy at all on the willow because it is in the Junior range. Each of these Gary Nicolls Powerbow Junior bats comes with multiple grains.

Powerboaw generation x cricket bat

Powerboaw generation x cricket bat

The sweet spot is slightly lower than on many of their full size bats but there is overall power all over the bat.The slightly lower sweet spot may be of benefit to junior cricketers in getting them to play with a straight bat. It is classically easier to play the horizontal bat shots with a bat that has a mid to high sweet spot but this Gray Nicolls packs a lot of power all the same. There is slight concaving but this if anything enhances a feather light pick-up and great balance when taking strike and striking the ball.
The Gray Nicolls Powerbow Stripe Generation X cricket bat is also a budget friendly cricket bat and for the quality of willow that the bat provides, it is incredibly well priced. Junior bats often need a little more tender loving care as they are handled by juniors, these bats come fitted with a scuff sheet and a lovely neon green toe guard. The neon green matches the stickers and overall young but classy look to the bat.
The Gray Nicolls Powerbow Stripe Generation X is an English Willow cricket bat. There may be slight blemishes on the face of the bat along with also slight curvature on some of the grains but the performance of the Gray Nicolls Powebow is top class.
If you were to be picking a cricket bat on performance as opposed to looks before looking at the price tag, this junior Gray Nicolls cricket bat would be high on the list. It would match some of the pricier cricket bats on offer for its performance.

Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves

Now this is exciting. A brand new range of batting gloves from Gray Nicolls. The Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves.These gloves are virtually a player’s edition quality cricket glove and they are priced initially by Gray Nicolls at an exceptionally good price.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.24.20 AM

For starters with a glove, you obviously look at protection. These gloves come with a fully fiber-glassed shell for the most vulnerable leading index finger. That is the kind of protection you want for what is the most exposed part of the hands when you bat. The middle finger of that leading hand is also fiber-glassed to the half way point as that finger is also in the firing line when the batsman faces up to the bowler.
These gloves are simple but very classy with their sausage style finger design. The sausage fingers offer a good deal of flexibility. The thumb is a 3-piece, the 3-piece thumb offers additional flexibility to the thumb of the batsman who uses his thumb mainly to manipulate the balls direction off his bat.
Many bastmen will check the glove to see what kind of protection is offered where the hand will grip the bat. The Gray Nicolls Silver gloves have great Gel-Tek up the side of the glove with a lot of soft fill to give the batsman an extremely comfortable grip on the bat.
The palm of the Gray Nicolls Silver Gloves is made from very high quality leather with extra reinforced patches on the places of the palm that would wear out first.It has superb breathability and ventilation as well as a very large and comfortable sweat band.
The Gray Nicolls Silver Gloves are off course finished with a very high quality and high durability velcro strap that keeps the gloves snugly on the batsman’s hands.
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Gray Nicolls Legends Gold Cricket Bat

If you are into Limited Edition Cricket Bats then the Gray Nicolls Legends Gold Cricket Bat will be right up your corridor of uncertainty. This bat though is no economical fit when it comes to reigning in your rate of spending though as Gray Nicolls have put it up with a recommended retail price of $1200AUD. That is right $1200AUD. Consider that you can buy two top-of-the-line Kookaburra’s or GM’s and many cricket bat fanatics will be wondering if the Gray Nicolls Legends Gold Cricket Bat truly is worth that price.
Gray Nicolls Legend Gold cricket bat
Well here are some of ts credentials. It looks the part. It has all the trimmings and trappings of a top cricket bat. Contoured edges, a beautiful Powerarc bow and a lovely profile and spine. There is barely a dead spot on the bat with an elongated mid-point hitting area. But what puts the price of this bat up so high is that Gray Nicolls are only producing 80 of them. Consider that if every player from the Test playing nations wanted one of these bats, there would not be enough and you begin to realize that Gray Nicolls are really trying to produce something very rare and special with the Gray Nicolls Gold Legends Cricket Bat.
Every single one of the Gray Nicolls Legends Gold Cricket Bats are hand crafted by Australian master bat maker Stuart Kranzbuhler. Stuart selected the best 80 clefts of English Willow and created 80 pristine cricket bats. These cricket bats are the Gray Nicolls Legends Cricket Bat.
The Gray Nicolls Legends Cricket Bat comes in a Short Handle size. Purchasers of this bat will either be a very serious cricketer or a collector of rare cricket bats. There is no doubting the extremely high quality of the Gray Nicolls Legends Bat and as they say you pay for what you get.

Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Bat

There is no doubting the quality of Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Bat. Their list of ambassadors speak volumes for the quality bats that they produce. Cricketers like Alistair Cook, JP Duminy, David Warner and James Faulkner all use Gray Nicolls cricket bats with great effectiveness. The vogue Gray Nicolls cricket bat at the moment has to be the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket bat. It is the bat that was used in the 2015 Cricket World Cup by Alistair Cook, William Porterfield and Ed Joyce among many.
The sweet spot on this bat is in the mid to high zone. This would have made it a great weapon during the Cricket World Cup played in Australia on the slightly bouncier pitches. This sweet zone also favors highly players who are great off the back foot and play many horizontal bat shots.
The handle of the bat is an XRD handle. Research and development has gone into producing this handle that reduces vibration to the hands of the batsman and gives maximum output when striking the ball. Another unique facet of this cricket bat is the contour of the shoulders. The shoulders of the bat have been made in a way that takes away nothing from the power of the bat but gives the bat a feather light pick-up.
The English Willow on this Test match level blade is very prominent as the Gray Nicolls bat manufacturers have given this bat a natural blade finish. The natural blade finish on this high quality cricket bat is sure to appeal to purists and those who love the feel of ball straight on willow. You can have scuff sheets professionally applied by cricketstoreonline.com and it will not diminish from the quality of the bat. It is imperative to have this bat properly prepared for play before use and the experts at cricketstoreonline.com are great for that too. A world class cricket bat. Aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

The 2015 Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat

The 2015 Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat

Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat is billed by Gray Nicolls as the shot makers bat and everything about it suggests that it is just that. The Gray Nicolls F18 cricket bat is unique in that it is traditional and classical but has a whimsical allure of modern beauty and grandeur, it is a true bat makers masterpiece.
Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat

Gray nicolls F18 cricket batGray Nicolls F18 profile cricket bat

If there was a cricket bat that could be called the all-rounder of cricket bats, it would be the Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat. It is the batting weapon of choice for Australia’s highly successful ODI batsman, George Bailey and for good reason.
The handle of the bat is semi-oval, this provides batsmen with optimum comfort and control in their shots. The bat is great for back foot or front foot play. The sweet spot is in the exact mid blade zone in the bat, this is ideal for players who love to come onto the front foot and belt the ball to all areas of the ground. Back foot players do not lose out either though with the Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat because the bat has a full hitting zone profile, this provides enormous masses of power to the batsman when he rocks onto the back foot for forceful back foot play.
As is standard with all new Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat, the bat comes with the New Zone Pro grips which improves the feel and touch through the shot.
The aesthetics of the Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat is a bat lovers dream. A more full profile is genuinely hard to find, as the profile begins to swell forming a beautiful mound that only ends a mere inches from the toe of the bat. Gray Nicolls have gone with their classic red and black on all the stickers for the new F18.
If you are looking for a bat that will set you apart, the Gray nicolls F18 cricket bat is definitely for you, the only downside is that if you treat it with care, you may not have to buy another bat for a while.
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Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat

If you missed Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat from the 1990s, you’re in luck because it’s back now! It was so popular in the past that Gunn and Moore decided to bring it back, with a few small changes.

GM Purist cricket bat

GM Purist cricket bat

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I mentioned that the Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat is different from its previous version. Gunn and Moore has updated this bat by making it bigger and giving it a slightly different shape that allows it to pick up a little better.

A bit unique to Gunn and Moore, the Purist bat has pretty large edges. The edges on this bat are also offset, allowing for an expanded sweet spot. The offset edges on the Gunn and Moore Purist bat also provide power and help in a great deal with the pickup.

For the Purist cricket bat, Gunn and Moore has given it a player shape by leaving more wood in the center and at the edges, with a little less wood at the top. Not to worry, though. It’s still a solid Gunn and Moore bat. Like with all Gunn and Moore cricket equipment, you can be sure you’re getting great quality.

One of the elements of the older version of the Purist cricket bat that Gunn and Moore did keep is its slightly lower sweet spot. The placement of this sweet spot is great for the front foot batsman. Even with a lower sweet spot, the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat his very nicely all over.

The Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat is part of the Gunn and Moore F2 series. This means that while it’s still a flat faced bat, it’s got a 2 mm camber to help with surface cracks. Gunn and Moore also uses players grade English willow to construct these cricket bats.

The weights on the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat range from 2:8 to 2:11. With Gunn and Moore’s comfortable ripple style grip, every weight feels nice in hand and has a great pickup.

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Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat 

If you’re looking for a great quality affordable cricket bat, take a look at the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat. This Gray Nicolls bat is a great entry-level style bat. It’s perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want a bat that hits hard.

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

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The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a very thick profile. It’s got big edges at about 40 mm, and a high spine at about 62 mm. In order to keep the edges nice and thick and exaggerate their size, Gray Nicolls has kept the face of the Maverick bat completely flat.

Like I said, Gray Nicolls has made its 2014 Maverick cricket bat a very thick bat, and the weight reflects that. These cricket bats are available in weights Medium, Heavy, and Extreme, which ranges from about 2:9 to 3:0 and higher. The pickup on the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 bat is nice, and feels its weight.

The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a twelve-piece semi-oval cane handle with a half moon grip. This is a quality Gray Nicolls handle and gives the bat a very comfortable feel. The Maverick bat also comes with a toe guard

The sweet spot on the Gray Nicolls 2014 Maverick bat is mid-blade. However, it does ping nicely higher up on the bat as well, so the Maverick bat is good for hooking and pulling as well as driving. With a fair amount of concaving and an even bow, the Gray Nicolls Maverick cricket bat is thick yet comfortable.

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The budget friendly new Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves.

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

Hammer has brought back its popular Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves. With a classic black and white design, these gloves are great for a wide range of players.

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves

These Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves feature a three-part design for maximum use and comfort. Hammer uses Plastozote padding and premium PU finger protection to ensure a safe and protective glove. Hammer takes protection one step further with this glove by including an insert on the main finger made of HD foam filled with added fibre.

The palm of the Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves is made of high quality sheepskin leather, which allows for maximum grip and comfort. The lining in the Hammer Core batting glove is made of soft padded toweling. This helps absorb moisture so you get a firm, great hit every time. To help with cooling, Hammer has included an airflow mesh gusset to the Core batting gloves.

The Hammer Core batting gloves are comfortable and light, without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability. The premium Hammer Core batting gloves have the option to be worn with or without inners. In Hammer’s true style, they have included quality embossed Velcro tabs to make sure each glove has the perfect fit.

Hammer has designed its Core batting gloves to be low-cost and budget friendly, so that all players have access to Hammer’s premium cricket gear. The low cost of these gloves does not come with any sacrifice of quality. You’re still getting a great Hammer product.

These Hammer Core 2014 Batting Gloves are versatile and meet the needs of different types of players. They’re great for youth players as well as club level games. As a lightweight, comfortable, and affordable glove, the Hammer Core can be used for a range of players and play.

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