Masuri Club Cricket Helmet

Masuri have clearly pulled away from the competition in terms of cricket helmets with their vision series. Players, officials and fans are far more aware of the cricket helmet these days and the Masuri Vision Series Helmets along with the stem guard are offering a high level of protection. Club cricketers will enjoy the Masuri Club Cricket Helmet.

The Club Cricket Helmet from Masuri has a few outstanding features that really make it a winner for club cricketers. The Masuri Club Cricket Helmet is built with Twin Protection in the shell. This means that there is a double layer of protective composite for double the protection and double the durability.
Like all of the Masuri Vision Series Helmets, the Masuri Club Cricket Helmet has Masuri’s unique AIRFLOW Cooling System. This allows for air to flow freely to the head of the batsman. This keeps him cool in even the most heated situations but in no way compromises the safety structure of the helmet. A more comfortable batsman is often a better performing batsman and Masuri have paid attention to that detail.
Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.16.17 AM
The aspect of the Masuri Club Cricket Helmet along with all other Vision Series Helmets that truly sets them “helmet and shoulders” above the rest is the HALO Reinforcement system. This is what truly gives the helmet its protective edge. This unique system minimizes the movement between the peak and the grille. It’s a doubled protective edge as the HALO system automatically reinforces and stands its ground when it is hit by the ball.
All of this can be rather costly but Masuri along with their retailers have done incredibly well to keep the price of this helmet to a very fair price. It is available in an array of colors and with a multitude of sizes to fit juniors and cricketers.

The Phoenix Fire Blade Cricket Bat

Australia and England are replete with many small boutique cricket bat makers that are making cricket bats that are rivaling and beating the big name brand bat makers for quality and performance. With a huge populace of cricket lovers, India has relatively few. But the Phoenix is rising in a big way with the making of the The Phoenix Fire Blade Cricket Bat. The Phoenix Fireblade cricket bat has all the trimmings and trappings of a really top quality cricket bat.
Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.08.40 AM
The Phoenix Fireblade only comes in Short Handle size with an incredibly light weight range. The weight range is in the 2lbs5oz to the 2lbs9oz. This will make it a remarkably popular bat for batsmen who like a Short Handle bat on the lighter side.
For starters, The Phoenix Fire Blade Cricket Bat is made with unbleached natural English Willow. There is 8 to 11 equally spaced straight grains on every one of these bats. So if you like grains and you like them straight then the Phoenix Fire Blade is definitely an appealing bat.
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There is minimal concaving on The Phoenix Fire Blade Cricket Bat with 2-3mm. This minimal concaving enhances the power of the bat through the shot. The edges are really impressive with 41-42mm edges on the bat. The most impressive feature of the Phoenix Fireblade cricket bat is the pressing. The pressing is done by hand and it ensures that the bat has a good bow and light pick-up with optimal ping and balance. The bat truly has a great balance and pick-up which is quite incredible for the amount of willow packed into it.
The handle is full and four piece quality cane handle with attention paid to the details of the rubber inserts in the handle to absorb any vibration residue. All in all The Phoenix Fire Blade Cricket Bat is a highly impressive bat with a high attention to detail that you may not get with big name bat brands.

GM Cricket Mogul F4.5 Cricket Bat Original

There is no doubt that there is no cricket supplier in the world that understands the North American cricket market as well as does. That is why is proud to stock a huge amount of cricket products many with the benefit of North American cricketers at the fore. This is what the GM cricket Mogul F4.5 Cricket Bat Original is all about.

 GM Cricket Mogul 4.5 original cricket bat
There are many North American cricketers who are looking for the right bat for conditions on many of the North American wickets and that is what makes the GM Mogul F4.5 Original Cricket Bat such a winner.
First of all, it is a GM. GM cricket speaks for itself in terms of quality cricket equipment. It is possible that some leagues around North America are using inferior cricket balls. Bad cricket balls damage good cricket bats. It is a fact. Aside from requesting that a better ball be used. (Check out the cricket ball selection at you sometimes simply have to face up and for that you need a quality and durable cricket bat that will still serve you well. This is what makes GM a step above, there is so much effort spent by GM using CAD and CAM technologies to create a truly superior quality cricket bat.
 GM Mogul 4.5 original cricket bat
The Powerarc bow is what will serve North American cricketers so well. American and Canadian pitches are at time slightly lower than pitches in the Southern Hemisphere but not as low as pitches on the sub-continent. That is what makes the GM cricket Mogul Original such a winner, it is well priced and the extended sweet spot with a perfectly mid point hitting zone is sure to make it a winner for American cricketers on American wickets.
There is also the price factor. The Original series of cricket bats are made of premier English Willow. These bats are known to be cheaper than the GM Cricket L.E series of cricket bats and priced as they are, they will make a great cricket bat for matches for players playing in the leagues around North America. Join players like Quinton De Kock and Sarah Taylor who enjoy the versatility of the GM Mogul cricket bat.
North American cricketers need a versatile cricket bat that is highly durable and that is what the GM Mogul F4.5 is.

Albion Cricket

From the humble beginnings Albion cricket in 1941 off Little Albion St in Surrey Hills, New South Wales, albion has evolved to pioneer two generations of product development in sport, with expertise in manufacturing high quality team uniform, before becoming an industry innovator through the development of sports protective gear.

The brand’s tradition, reputation and expertise in manufacturing durable and high quality team uniform out of Australia dates back to World War II, when the US army acquired albion’s services to manufacture military kits.

Soon after, albion combined its workmanship with its competitive spirit and passion for sport to begin delivering premium quality, durable and fashionable uniform through all styles of caps for the Ivy League and other sporting associations. In the late 1950’s, the brand became synonymous with team sport after winning the contract to make the Baggy Green – a cap which captures the essence of team unity and solidarity.

The Australian Baggy Green

The Australian Baggy Green

As sport evolved, the need for athletes to reach a personal best became more apparent, and albion’s competitive desire ensured it was part of the winning formula. After pioneering the first ever cricket helmet in the late 1970’s which enabled batsmen to perform at the elite level, albion quickly became the answer to sports protection globally.

By understanding that each human’s anatomy is unique, albion’s full attention is on the athlete. The ability to translate feedback to the laboratory, and to design an exclusive product enables the brand to ‘raise the bar’ in sports performance and protection, providing the athlete with confidence, strength and comfort for competitive advantage.

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New Balance Cricket

Following successful forages into the cricket market by adidas, another large athletics company, New Balance is quickly making big strides into the cricket market.

new balance cricket

new balance cricket

This brings the large athletics companies to five, with Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma and now New Balance all producing lines of cricket gear.

It has to be said that NB is making a real fist of thing, having signed many huge brand name players.

Aaron Finch was one of the first to be using NB cricket equipment. The Australian T20 captain uses his New Balance stickered B3 cricket bat to great effect as he carts bowlers to all parts of the ground. New Balance have now swept up another rising Aussie star in Steve Smith.

New Balance already sponsor a plethora of great bowlers. The New Balance Bowling line up includes James Pattinson, Pat Cummins and the greatest bowler of them all Dale Steyn.

New Balance has for a while had the services of South African explosive batsman David Miller.

This all bodes very well for the game of cricket, as big athletics companies see the market share to be had.

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Adidas Cricket

Adidas is a german born company that focuses on sporting goods and clothing and are the second biggest in the world in the market category of sporting goods.

Adidas also own a bunch of other sporting goods companys including reebok sportswear and rockport footwear.

Adidas was founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. In the 1990s Adidas reached into the cricket market by signing Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar and made a custom pair of shoes for him which he still wears while playing matches. Since 2008, Adidas has sponsored the cricket bat used by Tendulkar. It created a new bat, ‘Adidas MasterBlaster Elite’, personalized just for him.

The brand opened their biggest store yet in Beijing china which spans four stories of a building and is dubbed the companys center by PR strategists, and in this store they have every single product that they manufacture available for sale and on display.

The Adidas store showcases 27 different shoes worn by separate olympic contenders and the store is full of high tech gadgets that can test the skill of shoppers as they shop with interactive games and tests.

Adidas cricket shoes

Adidas cricket shoes














Adidas has grown sixty percent in China since opening and are focusing more and more in that region especially now that Chinese have become very competitive and play a big role in the olympics.

As Herbert Hainer the CEO of the Adidas group put it; “We are laser-focused on our mission: we strive to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle!”

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AS Sports

Asghar Sports was started in the year 1960 by Chowdhary Asghar. At this time the company started export of cricket bats to UK and Australia. Asghar Sports manufactures quality cricket equipment’s for meeting the requirements of national and international markets. The company also added on the production of Sports Wears, Cricket Clothing, Cricket Balls and Soft Leather Protective Equipments under the flagship of “A.S Cricket” in the year 1995.

AS Sports

AS Sports

A.S Brand Cricket Equipments are known as a name of quality are therefore used by the international cricket players like Abdur Razzaq, Mohammad Yousaf, Imran Nazir, Faisal Iqbal, Nicky Boje, Chris Harris, and many other test cricketers.

The company has a good share of export business in the world market exporting to Australia, UK, USA, South Africa, Canada, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

A.S is dedicated to providing each and every cricketer – from professional cricketer to recreational cricketers to kids on the playground – with the opportunity, the products, and the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. They believe everyone has the potential to do great things. As a brand, A.S has the unique opportunity to help consumers, cricketers and, partners and employees fulfill their true potential and reach heights they may have thought un-reachable.

A.S. sees the world a little differently and throughout their history have made their mark.. A.S creates products and marketing programs that reflect the brand’s unlimited creative potential.

The A.S lives by its mantra is to always challenge and lead through creativity.

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Lazer cricket bats

Lazer cricket bats

Jacques Kallis officially called it time on his entire cricket career last week. He was the best all round cricketer of the generation. A small piece of cricket trivia is that although he used a Slazenger cricket bat for the majority of his career, Jacques Kallis started his career using a Lazer Cricket Bat.

Lazer cricket bats were hugely popular in South Africa around the time of re-admission to international cricket and the period just after. Jimmy Cook and Clive Rice both batted with Lazer cricket bats.
Of late the Lazer cricket bat has been shrouded in a slight bit of infamy too. As it was a Lazer Cricket Bat that Oscar Pistorius used to hack down the bathroom door after fatally shooting Reeva Steenkamp. It is ironic that in all their history, the most air time and coverage the Lazer cricket bat was not from an international cricket player but from a fallen athletics star.
There are some cricket bats still being produced in South Africa like the B&S cricket bat and also more recently the DP collection of cricket bats.
South African cricket fans will always fondly remember the Lazer cricket bat and Lazer cricket equipment. The yellow, the blue with a few bright red cherries on the face, that was the envy of many cricket playing South African boys.
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The Quadruple Spine Cricket Bat. Real or Hoax

The Quad Spine Cricket Bat. Real or Hoax

The Quadruple Spine Cricket Bat

Hammer Cricket has been designing top of the line cricket bats and now they are on the cusp of launching something which may be simply revolutionary, a quadruple spine cricket bat. That’s right a bat with four spines.
The Idea
The idea behind the bat is quite simple and quite genius in its simplicity. Cricket players know that where the spine is located is where the absolute sweetest part of the bat is, the sweet spot. Therefore by having four spines on the cricket bat, the makers are able to make the sweet spot on the bat, four times wider than a regular cricket bat.
There have been bats in the past like the Gray Nicolls Scoop and the Gray Nicolls Dynadrive and the V1200 dual spine cricket bat. These bats proved hugely successful by simply playing around with the spine. If one spine is good and two spines  are even better, than a bat with four spines is bound to be one of the best of all.
The Weight
Many may be wondering, if the bat is going to have so many spines, is it not going to make the bat unbearably heavy? The answer is simply, no. These bats are expertly crafted, weights will be available from 2.8 to albs.  The design on the bat is so sound and effective that the quadruple spine bat could even be crafted in the lighter junior sizes.
Weight Distribution
Ok, so maybe the weight will be the same but surely I am going to struggle with the balance and weight distribution of this bat. Again, the answer is no. The weight distribution is even throughout the blade.
The Sweetspot
The quadruple spine cricket bat is all about the sweetspot. The sweetspot on this bat is huge. It is like having four overlapping sweetspots on a single bat. This means that the sweetspot is elongated and broadened. This bat is virtually one big sweet spot.
Quadruple spine cricket bat, welcome to the cricket bat revolution.
image-1 image

Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

Don’t Penalize Bigger Bats?

Sanjay Manjrekar in a video for ESPNCricinfo was recently of the opinion that bat sizes should be regulated. This would stop edges from travelling quite as far as they do and even the contest between batsmen and bowlers. However, as many cricket commentators and analysts have quickly pointed out, such regulations would be very difficult to implement.
What Manjrekar’s point does highlight is the brilliance of modern day bat makers. Many players of yesteryear would have been happy to wield bats with a middle the size of the modern day bat’s edges. These bats have quite incredible dimensions and this is because of modern day bat making techniques. Part of the modern day bat marvel is that they are still within a similar weigh category to the bats that were being produced twenty and thirty years ago.
While T20 cricket has advanced the plight of cricket on the global stage, some of the plaudits and credit has to go to the modern day bat maker. It is because of these bat makers, that some of the audacious strokes that batsmen play are travelling quite as far as they do. Modern day bat makers are surely not the first on any bowler’s Christmas card list, however, analysts have pointed out that modern day bats have also contributed to the improvement of tail-end batsmen. This essentially means that bowlers are batting better because of the high quality of bats nowadays.
Hammer black ST
This renaissance in bat making has not been exclusive to any brand in particular. All of the renowned bat makers have produced absolute pristine quality bats. Bat making of great quality has also allowed the birth of micro bat breweries. Little bastions of quality new bats have arisen. This only bodes better for the game of cricket in the future.
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