AB De Villiers Moves to MRF cricket from Kookaburra Cricket

AB De Villiers Moves to MRF cricket

AB De villiers moves to MRF Cricket




It is well known that Indian cricket fans love AB De Villiers perhaps more than any other foreign cricketer. If they could they would certainly have AB De Villiers batting in the Indian top order alongside world superstar Virat Kohli. De Villiers has made a new strong connection to India by dropping his Kookaburra cricket bat for an MRF cricket bat.

MRF has long been known for signing cricket gear and cricket bat contracts with the top batsmen in the world. Virat Kohli is currently a user of MRF cricket bats and in the past there have been the greatest of the cricket greats, including Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara and Steve Waugh. It does not get better than that and AB De Villiers has joined that illustrious group.

MRF cricket bat

The signs that AB would be joining MRF were quite evident when he was seen netting with the MRF bats. There was probably no need to give the bats a full test run when he saw the way Virat Kohli was striking the ball.

This does however end a long time contract that De Villiers had with Kookaburra. From the moment De Villiers burst onto the international scene more than a decade ago he has been an exponent of Kookaburra. Following the retirement of Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey, AB De Villiers was virtually the poster boy for Kookaburra cricket gear.

MRF cricket bats

With Eoin Morgan also switching to an Indian bat manufacturer it seems that the Indian influence in the game is becoming more and more of a factor particularly from a marketing perspective.

Love it or loathe it, it is undisputed that the IPL has led to opportunities such as this one with AB De Villiers changing from Kookaburra to MRF. It stands to reason that it is only a matter of time before more international cricketers will also be joining the ranks of supreme Indian cricket gear manufacturers.

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Its “back to the future” for cricket gear!

When one looks onto the horizon of the cricket future. The 20 year horizon that is. One sees the BCCI still opposing the DRS but the umpires will have BMW hover boards to take them from square leg to the standing umpire position. 

There may be many cool additions to the game of cricket but what will the cricket gear market look like. Who will boss the industry?

The primary piece of real estate on the cricket field, is probably the brand name on the face of the batsman’s bat. One can imagine that by 2035, these stickers will be electronically changing on the bat of the batsman thereby allowing the batsman to take on 3 or 4 title sponsors.

futuristic cricket clothing

The title sponsors will have become so different. Big conglomerates will have stepped in and begun vying viciously for the advertising services of the big name players. Whoever the Chris Gayle of 2035 will be, will have a full sponsorship from Red Bull. This player will be decked out in everything but the wings. An aerodynamic microweight helmet that is weightless until an object comes near it for impact. This helmet will include a transparent titanium grille, no more problems with not seeing through the grille. This helmet will of course be equipped with an HD GoPro, just better and Red Bull will sell the rights of footage from this camera to the broadcaster.

Apple and Samsung won’t want to miss out on the giant opportunity that cricket is presenting and will also start producing smart technology equipment. Bats that tell you when you have hit the sweet spot and pads and data sent directly to your I-phone 20 Super Plus. In fact most of Inida’s batsmen will be using Apple gear, except for the few that are using MRF and Coca Cola stuff. Pakistan on the other hand, who are now hosting their home games in Pakistan will have most of their batsmen using Samsung cricket gear. In fact bi-lateral series between India and Pakistan will be known as the Apple-Samsung Cup. 

futuristic cricket helmet

Titanium bats made by LG will also be a feature, although LG will struggle to bring it to market under a patent lawsuit from Dennis Lillee.

Pink cricket balls will be a thing of the past and Kookaburra will have lost the rights to make international cricket balls to gaming conglomerate EA Sports. EA Sports will have designed ball that changes color by itself based on the conditions. EA Sports will have also stepped in to beam advertisements onto the pads of batsmen. Teams will challenge this ruling but ultimately EA Sports will win

futuristic cricket bats

As coach of England, Kevin Pietersen will be using the Boeing made sky catching system to train his fielders for high catches in the deep. The precision ball launching machine produced by Boeing will be able to give inch perfect catches, allowing fielders to practice their juggling one foot in, one foot out catches.

GM and Gray Nicolls will have moved their headquarters to China and the USA where they simply have become a cog in the large cricket gear manufacturing machine. They primarily produce gear for traditionalist purist cricket fans who still want to hold onto the game the way it was. 

This may all happen, you never know. Click here to shop top of the line 2016 ( futuristic ) cricket gear and www.cricketstoreonline.com

Pink Cricket Balls

Day-Night Test Cricket is going ahead with Australia scheduled to host New Zealand in Australia for the first day/night test match. Pink Cricket Balls are going to be used.

pink cricket ball

A lot of testing has gone on to find the right cricket ball to use for Day/Night Test matches. The red cricket ball obviously won’t work as that will create a visibility problem at night for the players. So, the obvious choice would have been to use a white cricket ball with a black sightscreen.  Continue reading

Kookaburra Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball

It has long been known that the best manufacturers of cricket balls in the world is Kookaburra. Kookaburra Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball. They have been making Test match quality cricket balls for over a century. These balls are known for their pristine manufacturing and their amazing wear and considerable lack of tear.

Players in lower than professional leagues have the longest while complained that the pitches that they play on are more abrasive then professional level cricket pitches. Kookaburra has heard these concerns and developed a cricket ball called the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball. As it’s name suggests this ball is bound to give fielding teams great durability from a superbly high quality cricket ball.
The Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball comes in the color red and is of the standard 156g weight. It is a two piece construction and is specifically designed to withstand tough and rough arduous pitches. The design is not only specific to the selection of the leather but also extra concern goes into the finishing of the ball to ensure that it has an extra level of durability.
Abrasive pitches do not only take their toll on the cover of the ball but also take their toll on the core of the ball. Like all of their cricket balls, Kookaburra invests great effort to ensure that the core of their cricket balls have great round integrity that will remain as such even with heavy use. The core of the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch ball is made from bonded cork and rubber. This blend unique to Kookaburra is superior to anything else being used on the cricket ball manufacturing market.
All of this leaves the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball with a top grade quality profile. Players and administrators in the North American leagues would be well advised to have a look at the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball as it really does lend itself to rougher surfaces and fields. There is no doubting the quality of the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball.

Kookaburra Verve Cricket Bat

Kookaburra have come out with all bats blazing when it comes to their line of cricket bats for the 2015-2016 cricket season. There is no bat as unique and modern as the new Kookaburra Verve cricket bat. It is the cricket bat of choice of England’s wicketkeeper and hard hitting batsman Joss Buttler.

 Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.32.58 AM
It differs slightly from many of the other Kookaburra cricket bats in that it has a low profile sweet spot. The low profile sweet spot, is the position that was favored by the great Sachin Tendulkar. The low swell position is indicative of a very powerful bat that allows for playing all around the wicket. The handle of the bat is also very unique in that it is the cushioned round powerdrive. The cushioned element of the handle allows for the batsman to have a minimal amount of vibration no matter where on the bat the ball hits. The powerdrive allows for the batsman to execute maximum power through the blade when playing shots all around the wicket.
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.33.06 AM
It is made from premium English Willow. The scallop concave is in the mid position as is the bow. The sweet spot on the bat is huge and it is extended. There is no doubt that Kookaburra has come along way with their huge selection of bats. At one time, Kookaburra was powered only by their staple cricket bat, the Kookaburra Kahuna. Without belittling the amazing Kahuna, Kookaburra have brought a lot to the market with their new styles of bats that are versatile, durable and superb performers.
There will be few cricket bats this season that will be as balanced and as well crafted as the Kookaburra Verve Cricket Bat.

Kookaburra xenon cricket bat 2015

Kookaburra have added many fantastic new cricket bats to their range. Bats like the Kookaburra Raptor and the Kookaburra Menace. Cricket fans may remember Brad Haddin bringing the Kookaburra Bubble back to life during the 2014 Ashes. Well, Brad Haddin has moved on from using the Kookaburra Bubble and now uses one of the newest bats in the Kookaburra range of cricket bats. That bat being the Kookaburra xenon cricket bat 2015.

The Kookaburra Xenon cricket bat as used by Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin is of Test Match quality and is made of superlative unbleached English Willow. The clefts used to make the Kookaburra Xenon are carefully selected to ensure optimum performance and durability of the Kookaburra Xenon bats.

One of the most impressive features on the Kookaburra Xenon cricket bat is the size of the sweet spot. The sweet spot is mid blade at about 225mm on the bat and extends virtually throughout the whole blade. This cricket bat is tailor made for the natural stroke maker. A player who comes hard at the bal and the touch players will benefit from the dynamic power rounded face. The rounded face on many of the new Kookaburra bats including the Xenon1250 is a stand out feature that is earning acclaim among some of the world’s best players.

The profile on the spine is what Kookaburra like to call the Super Profile. The super profile means that the spine is up to 64mm. The edge profile on the bat is the big edge rounded bat and is between 34-40mm. The weight range in the Kookaburra bat is between 3lbs7oz and 2lbs10oz. The pick up and weight distribution though through the bat is superb for extreme control and balance of the bat when anticipating the bowler and while playing the shot. The Xtreme Trio Grip also adds to the comfort and control for the batsman over the Kookaburra Xenon 1250 cricket bat.





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Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat

Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat

Hammer Cricket now has in stock an updated 2014 version of its very popular Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat. Hammer recognized the reputation of the 2013 version of this bat, and therefore only made minor changes to the 2014 version.

Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat

Hammer Hel 156 cricket bat

Each Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat is handcrafted in England and made from performance grade English willow. This ensures that all Hammer bats are going to have a high number of straight grains with little to no blemishes.

The shape of the premium Hammer Hel156 premium english willow cricket bat allows it to be great for one day play as well as T20 cricket and longer formats. It’s got a slight camber and a very subtle bow, which gives the bat a nice neutral pickup. The edge on this bat sits at around 35 mm, giving the bat a nice balance.

The Hammer Hel 156 bat features a medium hybrid sweet spot. This means it’s got lots of wood where you’re going to be hitting the ball, but it also has a really nice amount of wood up high at the shoulders, allowing you to still play defense and defensive shots well.

This premium Hammer cricket bat is fitted with a comfortable oval handle. New to 2014, the decals on the Hammer Hel 156 bat are updated and take up less space on the bat. They’re still classic orange and black, but a little more minimalist.

Hammer’s Hel 156 2014 cricket bat is available in four grades: Core, Pro, Limited Edition, and Platinum. Platinum bats are custom made to the customer’s specs. Each bat is fitted with a toe guard, scuff sheet, and a Hammer bat cover.

All-in-all, the Hammer Hel 156 2014 cricket bat is a great all around bat for different types of play. Head over to HammerCricket.com or CricketStoreOnline.com to pick up your premium bat today.

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Kookaburra cricket 2013 gear full range and review by www.cricketstoreonline.com

Kookaburra 2013 cricket gear full range and review

Kookaburra cricket recently launched and released pictures of their new 2013 cricket gear at the Lords trade show and also on facebook and twitter….here is some of the cool new cricket gear they released..

Kookaburra Ricochet cricket bat

kookaburra ricochet cricket bat

kookaburra ricochet cricket bat


Jos Buttler, Steven Davies & Moeen Ali

Player Profile;
kookaburra cricket
• Lighter specification with maximum Spine and Edge, ideal for the enterprising improvisational Shot MakerDNA;
• Sweet Spot; High (approx 240 to 260mm from toe)
• Edge Thickness; 34mm to 41mm
• Edge Profile; Square
• Face Profile; Flat ‘Power Plus’ Face
• Spine Height; 58mm to 64mm
• Scallop; 8mm to 10mm
• Bow; 12mm to 15mm
• Handle; Round (12 Piece)
• Weight; 2lb 7oz to 2lb 9ozAdditional Features;
• White/Blue/White ‘Max’ Grip
• ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’ (KPP)
• Naturally ‘Air Dried’

So thats a quick look at some of the new cricket gear from kookaburra. This cricket gear will be available in stores in the coming months so thats its available before christmas.

Kahuna 1000 cricket bat stats:

kookaburra cricket Endorsed by Ricky Ponting, A.B De Villiers, Martin Guptill & Steven Davies – all Powerful Dominating Strokemakers. Features include Medium Positioned ‘Sweet Spot’ – 32mm Minimum Edge Thickness – Standard ‘Dynamic Power’ Shaped Face – Round 12 Piece ‘Power Drive’ Sarawak Cane Handle – White ‘Xtreme’ Grip – Naturally ‘Air Dried’ . Please select from available options in drop down list below.

Watch the Jason Mellet youtube channel for all the latest video reviews as soon as all the new gear comes in.

Kookaburra cricket wicket keeper gloves previously reviewed..

Kookaburra cricket batting gloves previously reviewed..

cricket bat scoring system breakdown of where we are up to now.

as there is a possibility of their being error with this moisture technology ive had a look at all my bat reviews done so far with my grading / scoring system and to be fare to everybody ive recalculated the numbers of all bats without the moisture content score and this is how they have fared.

these are the bats that all scored
1 ) 38/45
2 ) 37/45
3 ) 36/45
4 ) 35/45
5 ) 34/45
6 ) 33/45
7 ) 31/45
8 ) 30/45
9 ) 29/45
here is also a breakdown of how my scoring works without the moisture content.

The rating system goes something like this.

# 1. Price. rated out of 10 points. $600 is to expensive regardless of quality. $300 is a perfect price if the bat is good. $100 is generally a low quality bat so even if the bat is $100 it wont necessarily get a good grade unless its exceptionally good. eg. GN legend scores a 4/10 on price. its an awesome bat but $500 is a lot of money. Bat makers should be finding ways to keep their price lower, not making bats more and more expensive.

#2. Willow. Rated out of 10 points. This is a grade for the overall willow quality and aesthetics. overall look, grains, knots, butterflies, watermarks etc.

#3. Overall finish. Rated out of 10 points. did the bat maker take time to make the bat look pretty. Do you want to frame the bat its so beautiful or you dont mind throwing it in your kit unprotected.

#4. Performance. Rated out of 10 points. will this bat perform well. does it have a good balance and pickup. does it pick up light or does it feel bottom heavy or off balance.

#5. Wow factor. Rated out of 5 points. When you open up the box or show it to your friends are you going to think ” wow ” or does it just look like one of the other millions of bats that are produced every single year.

Photographic review of the Kookaburra kahuna twins cricket bats package

  • Limited Edition – the best of the Kahuna style, selected and graded by our Master Bat Maker
  • A pair of bats – made from adjoining clefts.
  • Unbleached English willow.
  • Power dominating strokemaker.
  • The high spine and big edges give this bat a huge hitting area the relishes the English conditions
  • ‘Dynamic Power’ shaped face
  • Naturally ‘Air Dried’.
  • 12 piece ‘Power Drive’ Sarawak cane handle.
  • Lime ‘Max’ Grip.
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre Prepared’ (KPP).
  • Naturally air dried willow for increased performance and durability
  • Free of charge padded bat case.
  • Short Handle only.
  • Weight range 2lb 7oz – 2lb 12oz