Kookaburra Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball

It has long been known that the best manufacturers of cricket balls in the world is Kookaburra. Kookaburra Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball. They have been making Test match quality cricket balls for over a century. These balls are known for their pristine manufacturing and their amazing wear and considerable lack of tear.

Players in lower than professional leagues have the longest while complained that the pitches that they play on are more abrasive then professional level cricket pitches. Kookaburra has heard these concerns and developed a cricket ball called the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball. As it’s name suggests this ball is bound to give fielding teams great durability from a superbly high quality cricket ball.
The Tuf Pitch Cricket Ball comes in the color red and is of the standard 156g weight. It is a two piece construction and is specifically designed to withstand tough and rough arduous pitches. The design is not only specific to the selection of the leather but also extra concern goes into the finishing of the ball to ensure that it has an extra level of durability.
Abrasive pitches do not only take their toll on the cover of the ball but also take their toll on the core of the ball. Like all of their cricket balls, Kookaburra invests great effort to ensure that the core of their cricket balls have great round integrity that will remain as such even with heavy use. The core of the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch ball is made from bonded cork and rubber. This blend unique to Kookaburra is superior to anything else being used on the cricket ball manufacturing market.
All of this leaves the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball with a top grade quality profile. Players and administrators in the North American leagues would be well advised to have a look at the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball as it really does lend itself to rougher surfaces and fields. There is no doubting the quality of the Kookaburra Tuf Pitch cricket ball.

Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Bat

There is no doubting the quality of Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Bat. Their list of ambassadors speak volumes for the quality bats that they produce. Cricketers like Alistair Cook, JP Duminy, David Warner and James Faulkner all use Gray Nicolls cricket bats with great effectiveness. The vogue Gray Nicolls cricket bat at the moment has to be the Gray Nicolls Omega XRD cricket bat. It is the bat that was used in the 2015 Cricket World Cup by Alistair Cook, William Porterfield and Ed Joyce among many.
The sweet spot on this bat is in the mid to high zone. This would have made it a great weapon during the Cricket World Cup played in Australia on the slightly bouncier pitches. This sweet zone also favors highly players who are great off the back foot and play many horizontal bat shots.
The handle of the bat is an XRD handle. Research and development has gone into producing this handle that reduces vibration to the hands of the batsman and gives maximum output when striking the ball. Another unique facet of this cricket bat is the contour of the shoulders. The shoulders of the bat have been made in a way that takes away nothing from the power of the bat but gives the bat a feather light pick-up.
The English Willow on this Test match level blade is very prominent as the Gray Nicolls bat manufacturers have given this bat a natural blade finish. The natural blade finish on this high quality cricket bat is sure to appeal to purists and those who love the feel of ball straight on willow. You can have scuff sheets professionally applied by cricketstoreonline.com and it will not diminish from the quality of the bat. It is imperative to have this bat properly prepared for play before use and the experts at cricketstoreonline.com are great for that too. A world class cricket bat. Aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

Partnership between Laver and Wood and Cricketstoreonline

Through the years, it has become clear to all that cricketstoreonline.com is committed to providing cricket lovers throughout the world, access to the widest range of cricketing equipment at the best possible industry prices.

cricketstoreonline.com matches quality with affordability to bring fans the best. As the cricket world innovates with new equipment and new bat makers, it is inevitable that before long they will be up for purchase at cricketstoreonline.com.
cricketstoreonline.com maintains exclusive and robust relationships with all of cricket’s top equipment manufacturers for the benefit of their customers. It is with this in mind that cricketstoreonline is proud to be stockists of the Laver and Wood range of bats.
James Laver is renowned throughout the cricketing fraternity as a master bat maker. The components and handiwork that go into his prestigious pieces of willow are pristine. Prestige and exclusivity are some of the words that come to mind when picking up a Laver and Wood bat. It is only fitting that such a prestigious bat to be sold on the world’s most popular and robust cricket equipment store, cricktstoreonline.com.
The relationship between cricketstoreonline.com and Laver and Wood is yet another testament to cricketstoreonline’s unyielding commitment to provide the highest quality cricket equipment to cricket fanatics wherever they may be in the world. The Laver and Wood range of bats is truly superlative. The fans are set to be the biggest benefactors of the relationship between cricketstoreonline and Laver and Wood. Through cricketstoreonline.com, fans from non-test playing nations will be able, for the very first time to get their hands on Laver and Wood bats.
The prospect of Laver and Wood readily available to the broad public as offered by cricketstoreonline is mouthwatering, we only cannot wait to see what they offer up next.

Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat

If you missed Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat from the 1990s, you’re in luck because it’s back now! It was so popular in the past that Gunn and Moore decided to bring it back, with a few small changes.

GM Purist cricket bat

GM Purist cricket bat

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I mentioned that the Gunn & Moore Purist Cricket Bat is different from its previous version. Gunn and Moore has updated this bat by making it bigger and giving it a slightly different shape that allows it to pick up a little better.

A bit unique to Gunn and Moore, the Purist bat has pretty large edges. The edges on this bat are also offset, allowing for an expanded sweet spot. The offset edges on the Gunn and Moore Purist bat also provide power and help in a great deal with the pickup.

For the Purist cricket bat, Gunn and Moore has given it a player shape by leaving more wood in the center and at the edges, with a little less wood at the top. Not to worry, though. It’s still a solid Gunn and Moore bat. Like with all Gunn and Moore cricket equipment, you can be sure you’re getting great quality.

One of the elements of the older version of the Purist cricket bat that Gunn and Moore did keep is its slightly lower sweet spot. The placement of this sweet spot is great for the front foot batsman. Even with a lower sweet spot, the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat his very nicely all over.

The Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat is part of the Gunn and Moore F2 series. This means that while it’s still a flat faced bat, it’s got a 2 mm camber to help with surface cracks. Gunn and Moore also uses players grade English willow to construct these cricket bats.

The weights on the Gunn and Moore Purist cricket bat range from 2:8 to 2:11. With Gunn and Moore’s comfortable ripple style grip, every weight feels nice in hand and has a great pickup.

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Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat 

If you’re looking for a great quality affordable cricket bat, take a look at the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat. This Gray Nicolls bat is a great entry-level style bat. It’s perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still want a bat that hits hard.

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 Cricket Bat

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The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a very thick profile. It’s got big edges at about 40 mm, and a high spine at about 62 mm. In order to keep the edges nice and thick and exaggerate their size, Gray Nicolls has kept the face of the Maverick bat completely flat.

Like I said, Gray Nicolls has made its 2014 Maverick cricket bat a very thick bat, and the weight reflects that. These cricket bats are available in weights Medium, Heavy, and Extreme, which ranges from about 2:9 to 3:0 and higher. The pickup on the Gray Nicolls Maverick 2013 bat is nice, and feels its weight.

The Gray Nicolls Maverick 2014 Cricket Bat has a twelve-piece semi-oval cane handle with a half moon grip. This is a quality Gray Nicolls handle and gives the bat a very comfortable feel. The Maverick bat also comes with a toe guard

The sweet spot on the Gray Nicolls 2014 Maverick bat is mid-blade. However, it does ping nicely higher up on the bat as well, so the Maverick bat is good for hooking and pulling as well as driving. With a fair amount of concaving and an even bow, the Gray Nicolls Maverick cricket bat is thick yet comfortable.

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Crictech custom made cricket bats

Crictech custom made cricket bats

So a few weeks ago i started with this series of blogs about crictech custom made cricket bats. Well im pleased to announce i have the cricket bat, have knocked it in and am taking it to the nets this evening. Not only will it be me using the bat but also two USA national team players. Crictech have told me they may not like the bat as the bat is custom designed for me but thats ok. Im keen to get their impressions of the idea and what they think of the process of using the hotspot impact marker sheets.


To purchase and find out more about crictech, click here.


My initial impression of the bat when i opened the box was Wow, my very first, personally designed, custom made cricket bat.

It took me a little while for the stickers to grow on me and now when i look at it i like it more and more. There is just something special about owning a custom made bat that no other big brand out there can offer. Without a doubt of all the bats i now own as a cricket store owner, this crictech custom is my favorite. Other bats i have may be better, may have bigger meat, bigger sweetspots, bigger edges etc etc etc, but this one is my favorite and is probably the only bat i own that is not for sale. ( except also maybe the bat i scored my first 100 with. )


The balance on the bat is as good as its gets. It weighs about 2-3 oz heavier than it ctually feels. The pickup is very light. The bat is aggressive with powerful edges and a slight concave on the back profile. It has a slight bow to the face of the bat and the entire package comes together very nicely.

The whole process came together from order placement to bat in my hands in less that a month and Richard from crictech says the bats can be made in as little as 15 days. Thats pretty impressive considering you wait about 5 weeks for a laver and wood.


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I remember when waiting for this bat i was like a little boy again waiting for a christmas present. Since i started this company two years ago i haven’t had that feeling for new gear coming in as i see hundreds of cricket bats come and go through my store.  And thats what makes crictech special. They really are offering you that special feeling again when buying a cricket bat. Its an extension of your arms, your sword as you go into battle and it may even save your life as you protect your body against rib tingling snorters.


If you are in the market for a new bat i suggest you think about crictech, no kit is complete till you have your own custom made cricket bat.

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Please leave me a comment or two and let me know your thoughts.


you can contact me on jason@cricketstoreonline.com

Boom Boom blaze 175 cricket bat

Boom Boom Blaze 175 cricket bat

So far i have been really impressed with the new Boom Boom cricket bats. The fact is that Boom Boom is actually a company called UK based company called Essentials 99. They have been making cricket equipment for quite some time and are in the process of setting up their own factory in india.

As of recently i really like the Boom Boom bats and have now also added it to my own kit bag. The boom boom bats come in three different wood grades. the 175 range is grade 1, the 150’s are grade 2 and the 130’s are grade 3 english willow.

This is the Blaze 175  cricket bat which means it is the mid sized bat. average profile so you get bats that are medium  weight and heavy weight. All of the Boom Boom bats only come with 1 grip and some come with a toe guard. They also do not come with a bat cover. this is an attempt to keep costs down and make sure their bats stay affordable. With the top of the line 2010 boom boom bat only costing $350 USD it is much better priced than any other bat maker.

Whilst you don’t get the same manufacturing quality as say a Newbery at the end of the day the willow is the same and will hit the ball just as far, if not further. I like the raw quality of these new boom boom bats and am very impressed.

– Available in Grade 1 English Willow
– Top quality 9 piece cane handle
– 2lb 8oz – 2lb 13oz weight range
– Mid to low sweet spot
Massive edges and a high spine give this bat a huge confidence boosting profile. The slight concave scooping either side of the spine, gentle bow and slightly higher sweet spot allow for an amazing ‘pick up’ with this bat.

Like i said, i really like these new Blaze cricket bats from boom boom and you can buy with confidence. call me on 1.888.470.4746 or email me at jason@cricketstoreonline.com


gray nicolls evo carbo SH cricket bat

Gray Nicolls Evo Carbo Cricket Bat

What is the “Carbo” You might be asking yourself. I know when i first heard the term, thats is exactly what i asked. Well now i have done the research and know exactly what it is. Actually, its pretty simple.

Its a natural willow blade with a reinforced Carbon Fibre Handle. The Carbon Fibre is  added to the handle’s stress point giving extra reinforcement. The Carbon Fibre gives a slight flex to the handle without compromising stability, but still giving assured power in the hitting zone. here is a picture showing where the stress point is.

This gray nicolls carbo cricket bat is a very fine piece of willow.  When i played around with it i noticed the bat is very light but still has a huge power profile and has super thick edges. Ive been searching for a bat that is nice and meaty that is still very light.

Here is a link to a cricket bat review that i made that will give you a up close look at the gray nicolls evo carbo cricket bat.

gray nicolls evo carbo cricket bat video

This cricket bat comes with a tow guard, poly coat and the popular carbon reinforced handle. the price is around $289 dollars and is well worth the price.

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I like to give away discount vouchers and free cricket balls. not to mention the mongoose cricket bat im giving away on the 10th of december.

mongoose MMI 3 series short blade cricket bat

The Mongoose MMI 3 short blade cricket bat.

I was initially a bit suspect about this cricket bat and honestly i still am. Youtube is filled with mixed feeling about these new bats. Some people hit the ball 10 yards further than more traditional bats & other hit them 10 yards shorter.

As i’m holding one of these bats here on my lap right now as i write this blog entry, i must say i am really intrigued and would love to take one of the mongoose bats out in a game and give it a try.  Its quite interesting because the bat doesn’t have a splice or even a separate handle. Its all made out of one piece of willow. English grade 1 english willow by the way.

Here is a short video review that you can watch of the mongoose cricket bat. watch all the way through for a chance to win this bat.

mongoose cricket bat video review

This bat comes with a natural finish which means there is no polycoat which now allows you to oil your bat whenever you choose. Strangely there isnt a pre-fitted toe guard on the bat, so you will have to take care of that yourself. This Mongoose mmi3 bat has a super long handle. look at the picture below to see how it compares to a regular cricket bat.

This bat is available for you right now at www.cricketstoreonline.com for an amazingly low price. Just $259.00. I will also give you free shipping to anywhere in the USA for this bat.

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Gray Nicolls Evo 1000 cricket batting gloves

The Gray Nicolls Evo 1000 cricket batting gloves like all more expensive gloves i have reviewed are really really nice. Gray nicolls have really out done themselves here with these awesome batting gloves. The quality of the leather is top notch and they are also really comfortable.

These cricket batting gloves offer supreme quality, breathability and also protection from pace bowlers at any level. I found that even after a long innings that my hands stayed dry ( ish ) and my fingers  or hands never really got tired. You see, the gloves are moulded so that you dont need to flex your hands around the bat, using up energy and fatiguing your hands. All you need to do is use the least amount of energy to actually hang on to your bat.

You will feel comfortable in these cricket batting gloves and you will also have supreme control of all your shots.

Thanks you for taking the time to read the cricket gear review. You can contact me directly on 1.888.470.4746 or email me at jason@cricketstoreonline.com