See Whats new in the SG Cricket Gear 2017 range?

SG has produced some superb cricket gear for 2017. There is a lot of SG Cricket Gear to choose from with great quality cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket shoes and cricket padsWe have done our best to help you out and present 5 stand out pieces of cricket gear from SG in 2017.

1.      SG Player Edition Cricket Bat 2017

SG Cricket Gear

This is the crème de la crème of SG Cricket Bats. It is made with superior limited edition English Willow. It has a very light pick up and huge edges. The mid to low sweet spot gives the bat great balance and immense power. This is the very same type of cricket bat that would be used by an SG professionally contracted cricketer, this SG Cricket Gear it is that good!

2.      SG Sunny Legend Cricket Bat 2017

sg cricket gear

The Sunny range of SG cricket bats are of course named after the great Sunil Gavaskar. The SG Sunny cricket bats have for a long while been a favorite among cricketers. The power and performance from the oval shaped handle is immense. A mid to low sweet spot with huge power in every area of the bat with premier English Willow make the SG Sunny Legend cricket bat, a SG Cricket Gear option for 2017. 

3.      SG RSD Select Cricket Bat

sg cricket gear

SG has done a superb job in giving variation in their cricket bat range. This includes variation in price. The SG RSD select cricket bat has great specifications with impeccable sweet spot and great hitting power. The bat is made with English Willow and has a very budget friendly price. The quality of the willow is what influences the price but SG Cricket Gear have really done a superb job to keep the price as low as it is on the SG RSD Select Cricket Bat. 

4.      RSD Supalite Batting Pad

sg cricket gear

It is not only on the cricket bat front that SG has excelled for 2017. SG has done remarkably well with their softs and protective gear ranges. One of the stand out pieces of gear in the protective gear range from SG is the SG RSD Supalite Batting Pad. The best feature of this cricket batting pad is suggested in the name itself. They are extremely light. The extreme lightness of these cricket batting pads does not have any adverse effect on how incredibly protective they are. They are also very durable. 

5.      SG Test Batting Gloves

sg cricket gear

If you are looking for the best cricket batting gloves on the market as loved by many international professionals then the SG Test Batting Gloves are a must-have for this season. The gloves have lots of great protection with added protection on the vulnerable fingers of the bottom hand. They also have great breathability with ventilation and also premium leather palms to ensure that the SG Test batting gloves last a long time. 

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SG RSD ELITE cricket bat

SG RSD ELITE cricket bat






















Origin: India
Wood: According to SG its Made from top-of-the-line English Willow
Sizes Available: SH and Long blade
Weight Guide: 2lb 8oz-3lb+
Sample Weight: 2lb 9 oz
Handle: round
Edge (at widest): 35mm
Finish: Poly coat
Toe Protection: Yes

My opinion

A fantastic bat for the price. The quality of the willow is the same quality as is being used on some GM original cricket bats which are more than double the price. Its over all a very good bat. Good quality willow, good finish, good balance ( 1 or 2 ), pretty good ping and nice willow. Oh and best of all is the price at only $179

We Like

– The finish
– The quality of the willow and the price

We Dislike

– Not much for $179. you cant go wrong, maybe predictable shape.

Star Rating

Price: 10/10                              weight : 2.9
Willow: 8/10                          edge size : 35mm
Finish: 8/10
Performance: 7/10
Wow: 2/5

total score : 35/45


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SG TEST cricket batting pads and SG test cricket batting gloves review

So i know quite a few people have been waiting for this review, so here it is.
SG TEST cricket batting pads

One thing i really like about the SG gear for this year is that it all comes in a very good quality package of some sorts. every bat, every set of gloves, pads etc all has these very cool SG bags, and it will help you look after your gear for seasons to come. That says something about the company and their attitude towards their gear.

These Test pads, are good, weighing in at 1.14 lbs ea they are still quite light and have comfort as an added bonus as well. Good padding and also a very good quality level.

The SG test batting pads are Made from premium quality imported Polyurethane facing. They have Cotton filled knee rolls with a layer of high density foam reinforcement to help bolster the knee protection. Middle 2″ strap has a Butterfly strap for comfort and the perfect wrap around fit. The front shin protection area is Low density foam filled/ cane reinforced construction. The side calf wings are High density foam. The instep is Mesh with hard-wearing piping, and above the knee you have Added protection on top hat.

And at $65 this is genuinely great quality set of pads that isn’t overpriced like some big UK Boutique brands. You can feel comfortable buying these pads as it would be a wise investment on your part. i dont really see the reason to spend over $100 on a set of pads, or gloves to be honest. Not with products like this coming out of SG. To buy these pads now, please click here.


SG TEST cricket batting gloves


These new 2012 SG test batting gloves are also a great buy, whilst im not a fan of the sausage finger design i do understand it gives you a better level of protection than the block split finger of the SG maxilite ultimate gloves.

But what you gain in protection you lose in comfort and flexibility.  Whilst im not saying these gloves are uncomfortable, but on my hands in particular i just feel a bit cramped in them and a bit stiff on my fingers. As i said in my maxilite review, the same goes with these gloves.  The leather on the palms is soft but not to soft that you feel you might tear it or something like that. The gloves offer top of the line protection at a fraction of the cost of top level gloves which is what we have grown accustomed to with SG cricket gear. A good quality product at an affordable price.


As far as features of this glove is concerned the finger rolls are Top grade imported Polyurethane. It also has the Nylon gusset for ventilation. It has a Sponge-padded polyurethane back for better fit and comfort. The sg test batting gloves also have Extra finger protection reinforced with a thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the first two fingers of the lead hand. The finger rolls are Cotton filled. it also has Extra PITTARDS® leather patch on hard-wearing areas of the palm so they may last longer. And of course Toweled wristband with embossed Velcro® fastener

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