Wasim, Viv, Sachin and Spartan Cricket

Wasim, Viv, Sachin and Spartan Cricket

So aside from being three of the greatest cricketers to ever set foot on the planet, Sachin Tendulkar, Viv Richards and Wasim Akram have another thing in common. They are all part of the people that bring the great cricketing equipment and cricket bats from Spartan Cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar

It doesn’t come much bigger than Sachin Tendulkar when it comes to household cricket names. He is the little master, the god of cricket and a cricketing legend. He is now also an investor and an advisor for Spartan Sports and Spartan cricket.

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When you think of Sachin Tendulkar you maybe think of a youngster with a Power cricket bat or an MRF cricket bat or perhaps and Adidas cricket bat but the fact that Sachin Tendulkar has chosen to invest with Spartan cricket speaks volumes for the kind of equipment that Spartan cricket is producing.

Sachins Career

Sachin had one of the most illustrious cricketers any cricketer has ever had, if not the most illustrious. He is in the best position to advise Spartan as to what they will need to do in order to further perfect their cricket bats and cricket gear. This is not only in the realm of making highly regarded cricket bats but also to advise Spartan on how to better the safety of their protective equipment.


Sachin will also be involved in some of the philanthropic work that Spartan does. Spartan is committed to fanning the flames of cricket fervor in cricket communities around the world while promoting healthy living. There cannot be a better cricket headliner to drive this project than Sachin Tendulkar.


It always a great testimony to a company when advisors see such value in the product they advise on that they are willing to invest and this is certainly the case with Spartan sports equipment and Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin is of course following in the wake of MS Dhoni who was one of the first to show his faith in the Spartan brand of cricket bats and cricket equipment by actually using the equipment.

Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the biggest name to be added to the growing list of experts that vouch strongly for Spartan cricket bats and cricket equipment. That is saying a lot when the likes of Chris Gayle, Eoin Morgan and the great Viv Richards have come before him.

Viv Richards

Has there ever been a batsman that strolled to the crease with as much swagger as Viv Richards. Viv would nonchalantly and with the greatest measure of ease pop the ball over the boundary for six. Viv Richards never ever got to play T20 cricket as a professional but one would venture to say that he would have been one of the best in the business. While as a player Viv put his trust in Slazenger and Stuart Surridge equipment, Viv Richards is now a strong member of the Spartan sports team.


viv richards spartan cricket

Sir Viv Richards joined Spartan as a marketing consultant. This was at a similar time to when Spartan announced they were leasing a SVR (Sir Viv Richard) bat, which they did. If Viv Richards was able to deposit the ball over the boundary using the bats he did, then he is no doubt an incredibly valuable asset in the manufacture of modern day cricket bats. Spartan has capitalized on this and have had Sir Viv join their team in this regard.

Going Big

There is a lot to Spartan’s approach to cricket bats as there was to Sir Viv’s approach to batting. Spartan cricket bats have swagger as does all the rest of the Spartan cricket gear and cricket equipment. Perhaps it is because Spartan can recognize that there is value in not only having current players as brand ambassadors but also having the brand statesmanship from illustrious players of the past like Viv Richards.

Chris Gayle

Richards of course is in the company of yet another destructive batsman. This batsman has had the opportunity to play plenty of T20 cricket and that is Chris Gayle. Once again Chris Gayle was one of the early users of Spartan cricket bats, recognizing the dynamic power that Spartan cricket bats have.

A bowler that many batsmen have said to be one of the hardest to face has also joined forces with Spartan and that is Wasim Akram.

Wasim Akram

The Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram is yet another former player that is on the Spartan cricket team. It is hard to think of a bowler past or present that made genuinely fast swing bowling look as effortless as Wasim Akram. A medium sized run-up and a short whip of the wrist and the ball was zeroing in at the stumps at high pace. World Cup 1992 and many more fantastic Yorkers in Tests and ODIs made Wasim one of the best ever. Possibly the inventor of reverse swing bowling.

wasim akram spartan cricket


As a cricket brand, Spartan is thriving all over the world. Spartan cricket bats are becoming staple cricket bats in the UK, Australia, West Indies and the USA. Some of the strategic brand ambassadors have done wonders for the image of the company in backing up the incredible product that they put out.

The UK

When one thinks of Spartan in the UK one sees Eoin Morgan smashing the ball inside-out over cover. Australia and Spratan of course brings Michael Clarke to mind. India and Spartan stirs images of MS Dhoni and now perhaps the greatest of them all Sachin Tendulakar. West Indies and Spartan arouses pictures of Chris Gayle and his golden Spartan cricket bat or perhaps just Chris Gayle smashing it to all parts.

The Middle East

But cricket is of course a huge element of sporting life in Pakistan and the Middle East. Wasim will be invaluable to growing the consumer base for Spartan cricket equipment in the Middle East and Pakistan. With his knowledge of the game and of course his knowledge of Pakistani cricket, Wasim will be perfectly placed to showcase the brilliance that Spartan cricket equipment has to offer.

In Closing

All-in-all it is quite plain and simple to see as to why Spartan cricket bats and Spartan cricket equipment has become the force that it is in the cricket equipment market. With players like Sachin, Viv, Wasim and others on your team, it is hard to see Spartan losing.

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cricket store online June 28th 2012


Spartan cricket bats have arrived

So to my surprise a box arrived to day via DHL from Spartan in aus. Last i had spoken to Kunal from spartan he said he would send me two quality spartan bats as replacements for the 6 i got from Ihsan in pakistan. Ihsan told me they had the contract to make spartan cricket bats and as i though Ihsan were a respectable company i trusted them.  So anyway to the left is a pic of the bat i got from them. Yes i said “bat” and not ” bats ” as in plural. Now i am withholding any sort of comment on the quality of the bats until i hear from Kunal as i had a few questions for him. I did contact him about the bat ” he ” sent me and his response was that he was in fact out of town and someone else sent me the bat. so now im waiting for his respose to a few questions i had about the bat before i make any reviews. i also feel maybe sleeping on it will help me do a better review as sometimes i can get a bit hot headed. so come back in the next day or two and check out the official spartan cricket bat review.

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on another note cricket is at its peak here in the united states right now, the crazy rush of summer is over and this is typically when business starts to quit-en down just a little. My facebook fans and twitter fans have really been keeping me busy always wanted the best gear pics, reviews and all sorts of other cool stuff. It was actually quite cool, i just got an email asking me to please do some videos for him as he wanted to make a purchase. he said he would like to see videos on some GM 808 bats, some GM 606 pads and some videos of the GM wheelie bags. well i obliged and luckily for me i didnt have to make him new videos as ive already done the. im sure he was surprised when he got and email from me 5 minutes later with all his video requests in it. here are those videos.

GM 808 cricket bats.

GM 606 batting pads

GM wheelie bags

So anyway, i thought that was pretty handy to have. Other than that i dont know if you guys know but my wife is 6 months pregnant again. we are expecting another little girl. here is a pic of my daughter now.








Oh, one of my upcoming videos is going to involve a bunch of cool kitbags. im busy putting together a few videos with new kookaburra bags, 1000, 800, 400 etc and also a few cool gray nicolls bags. powerbow, storm players etc. you can obviously find all those bags here at www.cricketstoreonline.com. other than that right now, i have all my boxes packed up for the day. im now waiting on UPS to come pick them all up and busy with this blog and going through a few emails ( 65 left ) down from 150 this morning.


any guys, keep being fan of my store. this is an awesome journey im on and still working on taking over the world. 1 cricket bat at a time.