The cricket bat industry and what we can do to battle against fake cricket bats being sold.

People know i have a bumpy history when it comes to selling fake cricket gear. I have been the victim of purchasing fake cricket gear in the past when i thought i was purchasing an authentic product. Ive also seen on a few occasions companies like Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, Spartan and kookaburra also being victims of people and companies who make fake cricket gear and sell it as authentic.

Well yesterday this all became very very personal as i found that I ( Hammer cricket bats ) have now also become a victim of this debacle..

One of my fans on facebook told me that someone is selling one of my bats from Pakistan and provided me with the link..So headed over there and had a look and this is what i saw.

Fake cricket bats for sale in Sailkot, Pakistan

Fake cricket bats for sale in Sailkot, Pakistan

Upon asking him about it he told a friend of mine the bats are made in England and are $125 ea…I found that pretty funny as it clearly states in the product description that these cricket bats are exclusively made for me personally in New Zealand. What a dumb ass. Another that was also pretty funny which is a giveaway is that he has labelled the product as 2012 / 2013 and the bat is the pic ( one that i personally took in my house ) is clearly a 1st edition 2012 bat as you can clearly see from the decals.. The new 2013 bats have completely new decals.

So its obvious this fool from CA ONE sports is selling fake gear and suggest people stay away from him in future.

If you are ever looking for information on whether retailers are selling real authentic gear or fake gear, please feel free to email me at

If you are looking for real authentic Hel 156 cricket bats then there is currently only 1 authentic retailer worldwide at the moment selling them, and thats…No one else worldwide is authorized.. Also the new 2013 gear has already been released and is available here.