Top 10 Batting Gloves for 2016, 1-5

1. Kookaburra Kahuna 400 Batting Gloves


Kookaburra Kahuna 400 batting gloves

The Kookaburra Kahuna 400 Batting Gloves are a supremely versatile pair of batting gloves for 2016. They offer robust re-enforced protection. Have a tri-flex finger augmentation for extremely good flexibility and dexterity even when playing the more difficult shots. They are aesthetically a very pleasing pair of cricket batting gloves and at the price set by Cricket Store Online, it is hard to imagine that you will get a better cricket glove for your money in 2016.

2. GM 808 Batting Gloves

GM 808 batting gloves 2016

GM 808 batting gloves 2016

Hard to go wrong with a pair of GM Batting Gloves. You know that you are going to get a highly durable pair of cricket batting gloves. The GM 808 are an extremely well rounded pair of batting gloves. There is ample extra protection on the exposed index and middle finger of the bottom hand. High quality leather palm with plenty ventilation means that you can rest assured that these cricket batting gloves will give you control, grip and prevent masses of perspiration preventing control.

3. Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves


Kookaburra Blade 500 batting gloves

If you take a look at the different cricket gear and cricket equipment ranges as a whole for 2016, you will scantly find a more extensive range than that being put forward by Kookaburra. Coming in at number 3 on our list is the Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves. These are supreme batting gloves and rank up to all the highest standards for doing what gloves are meant to do, keep you fingers safe. At the same time the Kookaburra Blade 500 Batting Gloves are super good looking, super durable and super comfortable. This really does make for the complete package cricket batting glove.

4. GM 606 Batting Gloves

GM 606 batting gloves 2016

GM 606 batting gloves 2016

If you are buying on a budget then the GM 606 Cricket Batting Gloves are a very awesome pick for the 2016 cricket season. They have all the great trimmings and trappings that you come to expect from GM, great protection and breathability and the price tag is what to rejoice over. GM year in and year out produce great cricket gear in a great variety of price ranges and on the mid sector of the budget list, the GM 606 Batting Gloves for 2016 are clearly a winner.

5. GM Original LE Batting Gloves

GM original le batting gloves 2016

GM original le batting gloves 2016

These are the cream of the cricket batting gloves crop. This is what international top level professional Test Match cricketers go out to bat with when they use GM. LE means that they are limited due to the immense quality of the materials used in these cricket gloves. Supremely comfortable and made to the highest protection standards with the shock and blow absorbing PORON XRD technology, if your budget allows for it or you are a budding professional then you should be giving the GM Original LE cricket batting gloves serious thought for the 2016 season.

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