Top 10 Helmets and Helmet Accessories for 2016 1-5

1. Masuri Elite Helmets

There is no reason to even debate who should be at the top of the list. It is undoubtedly Masuri. The Masuri Elite Helmets are top of the helmet class when it comes to comfort and protection. Masuri Helmets are the only helmets that are eligible to take the Masuri Stem Guard. With the Elite Helmet you get a grille with the unique Vision factor that protects your face from the ball but still allows you to get a great view of the ball. All-in-all you want to be buying a Masuri Elite Cricket Helmet.

2. Masuri Test Cricket Helmets

That is right. Number 1 and Number 2 are Masuri cricket products as will number three be. This is a top level of protection cricket helmet. You cannot put a price when it comes to protecting your head and that is why you should be after the very best. The Masuri Test cricket helmet is the very best when it comes to comfort and protection at the very highest level of the game. It is a product that recently was approved by the latest around of helmet testing from the British Bureau of Standards.

3. Masuri Stem Guards

Ever since the death of Phil Hughes, there has been a huge emphasis placed on finding something that will protect the stem of the batsman’s head that is usually unprotected. The Masuri Stem Guard is that unique product. It fits exclusively to Masuri Helmets. It won’t be long before all players will be mandated to bat with a helmet Stem Guard. It is essential that cricketers at all levels and ages bat with a cricket helmet Stem Guard, this is what makes it an essential product for 2016.

4. GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet

The GM Icon GEO Cricket Helmet is another helmet that successfully past the latest round of official cricket helmet testing. A superb cricket helmet both for its high protective ability and its super lightweight feel. This helmet was trusted by many international cricketers during the most recent cricket world cup. GM is a mark of quality in cricket equipment.

5. Kookaburra PRO 800 Cricket Helmet

HK051 Helmet Pro 800 Front

Kookaburra Pro 800 cricket helmet

Kookaburra have picked it up on all levels when it comes to their 2016 cricket gear. The Kookaburra PRO 800 cricket helmet is a superbly protective cricket helmet. Kookaburra have done superbly well to keep the price on this cricket helmet at a reasonable rate that will be appealing to all cricketers. It is well designed and offers quality protection.

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