Cricket Thigh Pads or also known as Combo Cricket Thigh Guards are most likely worn by just about 100% of cricketers in modern times. Over the years they’ve become just part of

what you put on when you kit up & walk out to bat. In this list of top high-quality cricket thigh pads, we will be taking a few things into consideration. Protection, Comfort & weight.

1: Stretton Fox

2: Hammer cricket

3: Aero Cricket

4: Remfry Cricket

5: Kookaburra Cricket


1: Stretton Fox Cricket

stretton fox thigh pads

stretton fox cricket store online

As far as custom built is concerned you really can’t get any better than Stretton Fox. Local club & international cricketers alike are flocking to Stretton Fox ( George ) to get

a fully customizable option for their thigh pad and inner thigh pad needs. On top of this fitting like a glove, its lightweight & doesn’t move around and you can

pretty much get any graphic you want to be added to the padding as well. These pads really do get 5 out of 5 from our judges.

2: Hammer Combo Cricket Thigh Pads

hammer cricket combo thigh guard 2018 blue

The Hammer Cricket thigh pad only comes in the 1 color. Blue. But over the last 4 years, we’ve been working closely with our manufacturing facility to get this design just right.

Its comfortable, snug, doesn’t move around too much & is still flexible for those fast singles. The protection on this cricket thigh pad is also amazing. We’ve tested it with thousands of cricket balls and you’ll never feel a thing.

3: Aero Cricket Combo Thigh Pad

aero p1 combo thigh pad

Aero has been at the forefront of protection cricket gear now for a few years. They produce cricket batting Pads, thigh pads & arm guards. They had some failures in product design like

their batting gloves and their batting pads but their cricket thigh guards are of a very high quality and very functional. They also have different price and protection levels in the P1, P2 & P3.

4: Remfry Cricket Thigh Pads

remfry cricket thigh pad

Here is a great image of a custom Remfry Cricket Thigh Pad laying next to a custom Stretton Fox thigh pad. Both of them high-quality custom cricket kit I would say probably

worn by the majority of the Australian, South African, New Zealand & English cricket teams. Remfry was born in the 80’s in a backyard shed in Australia. And still to this day is making

cricket protective gear for cricketers around the world. Remfry is absolutely worth your attention.


5: Kookaburra Cricket Thigh pads

kookaburra pro le cricket thigh pad

The extensively developed Kookaburra Pro Guard is the ultimate protection system for batsmen. Utilising Kookaburra’s Multi-Component Adjustment system, the Pro
Guard’s functional design combines phenomenal protection with ultra lightweight materials and a comfortable fit.