Wicket keeper gloves are an essential piece of cricket equipment. The development of the wicket keeper glove has come a long way. Nowadays many of the great cricket equipment manufacturers are producing quite incredible wicketkeeping gloves.

Here is our selection of top wicket keeper gloves for 2017:

1.      SG Tournament Wicket keeper Gloves 2017

keeper gloves sg tournament wicket keeper gloves

The Tournament Wicket Keeping Gloves from SG Cricket are a premium pair of wicket keeper gloves. They have the traditional high cuff and the webbing conforms to all ICC standards. The raw materials are exemplary from the rubber on the inside of the hand to the patent leather outer of the hand. These are a fantastic pair of wicket keeping gloves and priced at a bargain.

2.      Kookaburra 1250 Wicket Keeper Gloves

keeper gloves kookaburra kahuna 1250 keeper gloves

From Ian Healy to AB De Villiers and Kumar Sangakkarra, Kookaburra has always been renowned for top quality wicket keeper gloves. The Kookaburra 1250 Wicket keeping gloves are the Rolls Royce of wicketkeeping gloves. They are made with pittard’s and kangaroo leather. They are of the highest quality and are made to the standards that would match those used by professional Test match cricketers.

3.      Gray Nicolls Predator 3 LE Cricket Wicket Keeper Gloves

keeper gloves GN predator 3 LE wicket keeper gloves

Gray Nicolls have caught on to the kangaroo leather of Kookaburra and make these keeping gloves with Kangaroo leather. The best part of these cricket wicket keeping gloves is the ergonomically designed TRI-WEB catching area. Wicketkeepers need to catch the ball and this technological advancement gives them the maximum opportunity to catch the ball without breaking any of the ICC rules.

4.      GM Original LE Wicket keeper Gloves

keeper gloves GM original LE keeper gloves

These are the wicket keeper gloves of choice for South African wicketkeeper Quinton De Kock. These gloves are made with the softest sheepskin leather for a very comfortable and very durable pair of cricket wicket keeping gloves. The inner lining of these gloves is also the most comfortable padded cotton so that a keeper can wear them all day in the greatest of comfort.

5.      Kookaburra Shorti 1500 Wicket keeper Gloves


No wicket keeper gloves list is complete without the Kookaburra Shorti 1500 Wicket keeper gloves. Shorti refers to the shorter cuff, this is also known as the Australian style of cricket wicket keeping gloves. The materials used for this cricket wicket keeping gloves are of the highest quality. This includes Kangaroo leather for the softest comfort. Additional material on the finger tabs to avoid early deterioration. These cricket wicket keeping gloves are of professional quality and are sure to last any good wicket keeper a long time.

Thank you so much for reading our blog on what we feel is the top new 2017 Wicket Keeping Gloves for 2017. What do you think of this list? Do you agree or have we missed some? We would love to hear your thoughts on this article, please comment below and feel free to share it with your friends via social media. Thanks again. CSO