USSZ Zafar Asim custom made cricket bats ( made in the USA )


Yip, you read it correctly, made in the USA.  The story of Zafar Asim is that he learnt his trade in the UK, then travelled to australia where he worked for Impala cricket. He has since moved to southern california where he now works as a groundsman and custom bat maker.


My initial impression of the bat was not very impressed. The stickers are not that great, neither flashy, nor classy. But and let me say that again, BUT the bat is a very good performer. The bat is designed to match the Ihsan inferno 950 exactly. ( thats my opinion ) if you hold the two bats next to each other you couldn’t tell the difference. chances are though that this bat is better than the inferno. I used it in the nets and was blown away. The middle is the same size as any other bat but when you do hit it in the middle it flies off the bat. Its not like GM bats either that you need a few games to play it in before it opens up. It goes like a  “screaming cat ” right from the first ball. I didn’t even have to knock it is. ( whilst that is always recommended )


The bat came with a round handle, and a poly coat but had some cheap form of mesh resin toe guard. Probably lose a few points for that as all bats these days should have a toe guard i feel. bats are not cheap and toe guards will help the bat last a little longer.


On the cricket store online scoring system this is how it fared.

Score :

1: price. 7/10

2: willow. 8/10

3: finish. 6/10

4: performance. 9/10

5: wow. 3/5

6: moisture. 3/5


Final score. 36/50



The bat has 34.5 mm edges, is $300 – $400 and weighs 2.10. whilst its loses points for the look, moisture content and finish its scored as high as any top bat on the performance scale. Some people who are currently using these bats are Orlando Baker, Jignesh Desai, Japen Patel and a few others.

You will probably struggle to get hold of Zafar as he only communicates mainly via email. It might take him 3-5 days to get back to you but his bats are good enough to wait for a few days.

More pics to follow in the next post.


PLease contact me on for more information and dont forget about the store facebook and twitter pages.