well nothing much happening thats exciting at cricket store online today. ive packed up a bunch of boxes that needs to be shipped out. Im looking forward to tonights DPL game as well. Things havent gone our way this year but if we win the next two games we could make the playoffs.

Im also really glad i took a chance and ordered 100 new Hammer bat covers and that they are here as im selling bats like hot cakes and im burning through my stash already.








Im also thinking about doing a video next week on how to spot a fake spartan from a real one to help people make informed choices. a valuable lesson i learned from the university  of hard knocks unfortunately. But im better off because of it so i take it as a valuable life lesson.








Also, im a bit disappointed in the response from facebook in connection with the new Morrant batting pads competition. i may have to chuck out a video to let more people know about it.